Burials and interment of ashes

Information on burials and interment of ashes

Funerals can take place through your chosen funeral director or we can assist you to make your own arrangements.

An appointment for burial or an interment of ashes can be made by contacting our Cemetery Officer. A minimum of five working days notice is required and the burial paperwork (interment form, Registrars or Coroners Certificate and payment) must be received by the Cemetery Officer at least three working days in advance of the burial.

Unless other funerals have been booked for the same day/time as you require, we will do our utmost to provide the funeral when requested.

Burials and interment of ashes can take place Monday to Friday (excluding bank and public holidays).

Following the burial and once the funeral party has left the graveside, the grave will be filled, levelled and turfed over.

Flowers, floral tributes and wreaths will then be placed on the grave and will be left for at least 14 days before being removed by the grounds maintenance staff.