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Domestic recycling waste is waste generated by the householder, comprising of dry recyclable materials and food waste.

Dry recyclable materials and food waste collected in the district is currently taken to a number of UK processors.

Collection frequency

We will collect all recycling weekly.

Collection day and time

We will notify residents of their collection days and of any required changes to accommodate the Christmas period.  We will aim to make all collections between 6am and 4pm. In exceptional circumstances, such as severe weather conditions or council vehicle breakdowns, this may vary.

We reserve the right to change the collection schedule for operational reasons. We will give customers adequate advance notice of any changes ie. a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice.

Container allocation

We will provide all households with a maximum of two 55-litre recycling boxes, one blue recycling box (for glass only), two green recycling bags, two brown recycling bags, one kitchen food caddy and one (or two if there is a sufficient need) 27-litre kerbside food caddy.

It is the householder’s responsibility to keep all containers in a clean condition after emptying.

We will only empty containers we have provided, unless we have advised the householder otherwise.

Green recycling bag

We ask householders to place paper and textile based items in a green recycling bag. The following items can be placed in a green recycling bag:

  • newspapers
  • envelopes (windowed or non-windowed)
  • magazines
  • catalogues
  • telephone books including Yellow Pages
  • directories
  • clean old clothes
  • clean shoes or boots (in pairs)
  • handbags
  • belts
  • bed sheets
  • curtains
  • pillow cases (not pillows)
  • duvet covers (not duvets)
  • junk mail (no plastics)
  • shredded paper

Brown recycling bag

We ask householders to place all flattened cardboard items in a brown recycling bag, The following flattened items can be placed in the brown recycling bag:

  • corrugated cardboard
  • cereal boxes and other cardboard food packaging
  • toothpaste boxes
  • toilet roll and kitchen roll cores
  • cardboard egg boxes
  • card sleeves (from food trays)
  • plain birthday/Christmas and celebratory cards (decoration removed)
  • Brown paper

Plastic recycling box

We ask householders to place all plastic, tins and tin foil in a recycling box. Collection crews sort the recycling items by hand therefore householders are asked to clean and, where possible, squash items for collection.  The following items can be placed in the plastic recycling box:

  • mixed plastics (excluding black plastic)
  • food tins
  • drink cans
  • aluminium foil
  • aerosol cans
  • small electrical items (no bigger than the size of a normal
  • carrier bag)

We ask householders to screw lids onto plastic bottles after they have washed and squashed them.

Blue recycling box

  • glass bottles and jars (washed with lids put back on after being washed)

Kitchen and kerbside caddies

We ask householders to place their food waste in a 27 litre kerbside caddy for collection. Householders are provided with an 8 litre kitchen caddy, to assist with the collection of their food waste before they transfer it to their issued larger kerbside caddy.

Since 5 June 2017 householders have not been able to place food waste in a green or black bin for collection, except in exceptional circumstances. The following items can be placed in the kerbside food caddy:

  • all cooked food
  • all raw food
  • bones and carcasses from meals only (not dead animals)
  • left-overs from plates
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • fruit and vegetables, including peelings

We request that householders do not wrap food waste in plastic bags, instead they should use a small amount of kitchen roll or a sheet of newspaper. Alternatively, they can buy corn starch bags available from most supermarkets to line the caddies. 

Additional recycling containers

Additional containers may be made available upon request and assessment by a Recycling Advisor.

There will be no charge for additional containers.

To order additional containers, fill in this online form or call Customer Services on 01271 374776. Please note it can take us up to three weeks to deliver your new containers.

Lost or damaged containers

There will be no charge for lost or damaged containers due to reasonable wear and tear.

Contaminated containers

We will not empty recycling boxes or bags if they contain non-recyclable household waste, garden waste, large bulky items, or non-domestic waste including inert wastes such as soil, bricks, rubble, cement, plaster, concrete or sand.

Householders must remove contaminants and present remaining recyclables at their next collection.

Side recycling waste

All dry recycling must be contained within the receptacles provided.