Collections: flats, residential homes and other property types

Our collection procedure relating to flats, residential homes and other property types.

Flats or multiple occupancy households

We request that all newly built properties in our district, including flats, will be required to make any necessary arrangements, which will include building and construction work to accommodate additional bins. This is to ensure they have capacity for the required number of waste receptacles.

Our collection of waste from flats will be limited to emptying bins.  Any excess waste on the ground and around bins will be for the owners or managing agents to arrange to be cleared.

If our refuse collection service cannot access bins, due to the amount of excess waste on the ground in front of them, we will not empty them until the excess waste on the ground has been cleared, by the owners or managing agents.

Where properties, such as flats, are unable to receive our normal service utilising wheelie bins, we will provide an alternative means for us to collect their refuse and recycling, for example communal bins. 

Residential homes

If we receive a request to collect domestic refuse from residential hostels or residential accommodation at schools, we will charge to make the collection.

Places of worship/properties used both for private and for business purposes

We include these properties in our alternate weekly collection scheme and allow each one a 240-litre black wheelie bin for refuse and one 55-litre plastic recycling box and green and brown recycling bags, together with a food caddy.

Holiday accommodation

If we receive a request, we will provide a chargeable waste collection service for caravans, camping and self-catering accommodation, via our trade waste services.