Clinical waste collection procedures

Procedure relating to clinical waste collections.

We contract this service to Peake GB. Peake GB provide a non-chargeable separate collection for infectious or clinical waste and the safe collection and disposal of items like hypodermic needles and dialysis waste from households.

We ask householders to contact Peake GB on 01579 342212 who explain how our service works and arrange collections.  (Peake GB use unmarked vans to ensure the collection remains discreet).

Peake GB will ask householders a series of questions during the phone call to enable them to correctly assess their needs.

Peake GB ask householders to present their clinical waste in sealed, yellow, clinical waste plastic bags and/or sharp boxes.

If a householder’s collection is missed by Peake GB, please contact Peake GB for them to arrange a suitable time for collection.

If householders do not present clinical waste for three consecutive weeks Peake GB will cancel the collections.

Non-infectious clinical waste, such as absorbent hygiene products, can be placed in domestic black waste.