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We can provide assisted collections for householders who are unable to place their bins and containers out for collection (usually because they are elderly or disabled).

We define an ‘assisted collection’ as a collection our crew make from a householders property; where we collect their black and green wheelie bin, recycling box, bags and food caddy from its normal storage place, take it to our collection vehicle for emptying and then return the container to its original position.

Householders wanting an assisted collection must contact us, so we can check eligibility, assess the situation, visit the property if appropriate, and agree a collection place for each container.

If you think that you will need an assisted collection for your green wheelie bin garden waste collection, please contact our Customer Services Team by calling 01271 374776 before buying the permit. The team will be able to advise if an assisted collection is possible, we are unable to guarantee we will be able to collect via the assisted collection service without discussing it with you first. 

We restrict assisted collections to only households in genuine need and those able to demonstrate eligibility by verification of a medical practitioner, other health professional or blue badge if requested.

In order to qualify for an assisted collection, customers need to provide one of the following:

  • A copy of their blue badge, clearly showing the holder’s name and address and the expiry date of the badge
  • A letter from their GP supporting their need for an assisted collection
  • A copy of their disability benefit documentation
  • Proof of their disability eg. a registered blind certificate, a letter from an occupational therapist or physiotherapist

Even if a customer has the above evidence, should they have another resident of 16 years or over living at their address who is able to put out their bins and recycling containers, then they are not entitled to an assisted collection.

Where, through frailty or incapacity, a householder cannot present a 240-litre wheelie bin in the required position, we can exchange it for a smaller 120-litre wheelie bin if this is more appropriate for their needs.

If a householder advises a 120-litre wheelie bin is not suitable (and subject to there being no other able bodied person at the property), our collection crews will collect and return the wheelie bin to a suitable point on the property, agreed by us.

All our assisted collections will be subject to review.