Community assistance

Information for groups who help to keep the district tidy and maintain common green areas

The council recognises that within the North Devon area, there are formal and informal groups that are keen on keeping parts of the district tidy, and voluntarily maintain common green areas.

The council is encouraging of this activity, as it helps prevent serious issues such as fly tipping and graffiti, and also promotes an improved sense of community wellbeing and value.

In order to support this valuable work, the council may waive the normal charge for collecting garden waste in certain cases.

To qualify for this concession, the group, or persons involved should apply annually to the council through their parish council.  A standard application form is available.

The council will consider each application on its merits, but will not approve applications where the work is being carried out on behalf of another local authority.  The council will consider issues such as:

  • who carries out the work
  • whether payment is received for the work
  • who owns the land on which the work takes place
  • the value of the work to the wider local community
  • any other relevant issues

If a concession is granted, the wheelie bin issued must only be used for green waste arising from the community activity and not for domestic green waste and must be presented for collection from a designated location.

The council also reserves the right to withdraw the concession in the future.

For further information contact 01271 388360.