Other home improvement loans

Information on other home improvement loans from Lendology CIC

Loans from Lendology CIC

Our objective is to increase the supply of housing (either for sale or rent) and improve housing standards and this can be achieved through:

  • Commercial Conversion Loan
  • Empty Home Loan
  • Home Owner Loan

We have worked in partnership with Lendology CIC since 2005 to enable homeowners to access financial help to repair their homes. 

The team at Lendology CIC will carry out an assessment on an individual circumstances and provide independent advice on the type of loan and loan product that would meet their needs. There is no limit on the number of loans that can be applied for, but eligibility will be assessed by the team at Lendology CIC and availability of funding.

The Commercial Conversion Loan is available to property owner(s) for commercial conversion of buildings into dwellings, either for sale or rent (subject to planning permission). 

The Empty Home Loan is available to property owner(s) to bring empty homes back into use to increase the provision of much needed homes, either for sale or rent. 

The Home Owner Loan funds a range of home repairs, improvements, adaptations, homeless prevention, energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. This is available to owner occupiers, including park home owners.

These loans have a minimum loan value of £1,000 and the maximum loan will be assessed by the team at Lendology CIC based on individuals circumstances.

We have introduced a ‘Lite Loan’ for owner occupiers, including park home owners of between £500 and £1000.

‘Bulk buy fuel loans’ have been introduced for owner occupiers, park home owners, private and social tenants.  This aims to assist in the purchase of oil, wood, LPG, coal or calor gas and the maximum loan is £1,000. This loan is fixed at 0% and there are no set up or other associated fees.

Further details can be found in our Loan Policy.

Lendolology CIC’s knowledgeable team of advisers will guide you through the process of applying for a home improvement loan, assess your eligibility, how much you could borrow and the loan best suited to your circumstances. 

Contact Lendology CIC direct for an informal chat about the repairs, improvements or adaptations required to your property and how to apply. 

Call 01823 461099 or visit www.lendology.org.uk.