Waste collection calendars

You can now view and download a waste collection calendar for your property. For more information, please go to collection dates and type in your postcode.

Collection dates

Find out your next waste and recycling collection dates.

Apply for a waste or recycling container

Order a bin/box/bag/caddy/composter.

Report a missed bin

If your bin hasn't been emptied, please report it.

Find a tip

You can dispose of large household items at your nearest recycling centre.

What goes in your bin/box/bag?

Find out what items can go in your bins, box and bags.

Bulky items

We can collect your unwanted household items.

Compost bins

How to buy a compost bin and what to put in it.

Recycling food waste

Information on our food recycling service.

Trade waste & recycling

Organising your own trade waste collection, your responsibilities and more.