The planning portal provides details of mandatory information that you need to include with your application. Our Local List shows what information you will need to provide for a valid planning application in the North Devon district.

This Local List replaces all earlier editions and has been updated to take account of experience gained by us, applicants and agents whilst using earlier editions, legislation and guidance published by central government.

Reading the list for your project before submitting an application means we will have all the information we need for your project right from the start and means we may be able to determine your application quicker.

This Local List has been broken down into the following sections:

householder planning consent
householder planning and listed building consent
planning permission (full and change of use)
planning permission and listed building consent
outline planning permission with all matters reserved
approval of reserved matters following outline approval
relevant demolition in a conservation area
removal or variation of condition (s) following grant of planning permission
lawful development certificate for an existing use, operation or activity
lawful development certificate for a proposed use or development
advertisement consent
listed building consent
approval of details reserved by condition (discharge of condition)
prior notification - agricultural or forestry
notification for prior approval for a proposed change of use under part 3 of The General Permitted Development Order 2015
prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code system operators
works to trees covered by a tree preservation order
notification of works to trees in a conservation area
non-material amendment
prior approval of a larger home extension

The glossary  for plans and drawings and additional information provides more information and advice.

Failure to submit the information required is likely to result in an application being treated as invalid under the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015.

Please note:

• A foul drainage assessment form must accompany applications where connection to a public sewer is not feasible.
• A wildlife trigger list must accompany every application.

If you would like advice about your project before you start we also offer a pre-application advice service.

Applications can be:

• submitted electronically through the Planning Portal (all drawings and supporting documents submitted electronically must be in PDF format)
• posted to North Devon Council, PO Box 379, Barnstaple, EX32 2GR
• hand-delivered to our office or community office

Our aim is to determine whether an application is valid within five working days from the date of receipt (or 10 working days in the case of a major application). All applications received by 5pm will be dated that day.

The date a valid application is received is the start date. This is day 0 - the statutory period for determination then. Upon registration of a valid application an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the applicant or agent.

When an application is registered all plans and documents will be linked to the planning pages of our website. Only supporting documents that are clearly marked as ‘confidential’ will not be placed on our website or in a folder that the public may view. Please complete the Commercially Sensitive/Confidential Material form to indicate documents that are not to be placed in the public domain.