The council is committed to openness and transparency in its decision-making.
Recording is permitted at council meetings that are open to the public. The
council understands that some members of the public attending its meetings may
not wish to be recorded. The Chairman of the meeting will make sure any request
not to be recorded is respected.

The rules that the council will apply are:

  1. The recording must be overt (clearly visible to anyone at the meeting) and
    must not disrupt proceedings. The council will put signs up at any meeting
    where we know recording is taking place
  2. The Chairman of the meeting has absolute discretion to stop or suspend
    recording if, in their opinion, continuing to do so would prejudice
    proceedings at the meeting or if the person recording is in breach of these
  3. We will ask for recording to stop if the meeting goes into ‘part B’ where the
    public is excluded for confidentiality reasons. In such a case, the person
    filming should leave the room ensuring all recording equipment is switched
  4. Any member of the public has the right not to be recorded. We ensure that
    agendas for, and signage at, council meetings make it clear that recording
    can take place – anyone not wishing to be recorded must advise the
    Chairman at the earliest opportunity
  5. The recording should not be edited in a way that could lead to
    misinterpretation or misrepresentation of the proceedings or in a way that
    ridicules or shows a lack of respect for those in the recording. The council
    would expect any recording in breach of these rules to be removed from
    public view

Please contact either our Member Services team or our Communications team in
advance of the meeting you wish to record at, so we can make all the necessary
arrangements for you on the day.

For more information you can contact either the Member Services team by emailing or telephoning on 01271 388254 or the Communications Team by emailing or telephoning on 01271 388278.