EIR requests

The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) allow for inspection of environmental information held by public bodies, including councils.

Local Land Charges Register

Requests for information from the Local Land Charges Register can be made under EIR as well as the Land Charges Rules. The Land Charges Rules permit inspection of the register for free at our offices. EIR permits you to be sent the information if you do not wish to inspect for free. If you wish the information to be sent to you there will be a fee of £10. Please email your request to legalservices@northdevon.gov.uk

CON29 Information Requests

A list of sources of information and data has been produced for the information covered by the CON29 2016 July version.

EIR Information Sheet (pdf 204kB) 

Requests for information under 1.1 l) any building regulations certificate or notice issued in respect of work carried out under a competent person self-certification scheme

Please note that this information is no longer published via the dataset as advised in the above information sheet.  A new solution to making the information available is currently being explored by Building Control. Any requests for this information in the meantime, please submit under EIR to the e-mail address as given below.

Any other requests not covered by the information sheet, please e-mail your request to legalservices@northdevon.gov.uk