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If you do NOT have any accommodation that is safe for you to access tonight, apply online for help but please also go to one of our offices to speak to a duty housing officer or call us on 01271 388870. If it is outside office hours call us on 01271 388240.

Tap for North Devon

Tap for North Devon is a Safer Towns-funded initiative which aims to enhance support for our local homeless charities, (Encompass Southwest and The Freedom Community Alliance) through convenient, easily accessible donation points situated throughout Barnstaple town. Read more on our North Devon and Torridge Community Safety Partnerships page.


General Housing Advice

Self-help interactive tool offering general housing advice


We can help if you are homeless

At risk of homelessness

Get help as soon as you think you may be made homeless

Apply here for help

If the system advises you are NOT eligible for assistance, please call us on 01271 388870. It may be 5 days before you hear from us

Rough sleeping

We provide overnight shelter during the winter months.

Upload documents for a Housing Options case

Upload documents to progress your case

Duty to Refer

For public authorities use only. It could be 5 days before the customer hears from us. Follow link and select ‘someone else needs help’