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Certain forms of telecommunication development, for example, mobile telephone masts, are known as permitted development and subject to prior approval from us.

The prior approval procedure means that the principle of development is not an issue. We can only consider the siting and appearance of the proposal.

We have 56 days in which to let the mast operators know of our decision on whether prior approval is required for siting and appearance and to let the operator know of our decision to allow or refuse approval.

The following items are needed for all applications

• Application form
• Location plan (scale 1:2500 or 1:1250) with site outlined in red
• Block plan (scale 1:500) or Site Plan (scale 1:200) – if the proposal will alter an existing building footprint or create a new building footprint
• Site levels (scale 1:200) – if the proposal will lead to a change in the level of the land
• Floor plans – proposed (scale 1:50 or 1:100) – if the proposal will create, alter or add to a floor
• Elevation drawings – proposed (scale 1:50 or 1:100) – if the proposal will create, alter or add to a building
• Evidence that the: Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Defence or the aerodrome operator (as appropriate) has been notified of the proposal where it consists of the installation of a mast within three kilometres of the perimeter of an aerodrome; owner or agricultural tenant of the land to which the application relates has been notified of the proposed development; the relevant body of the school or college have been consulted about the proposal where it consists of the installation, alteration or replacement of a mobile base station on or near a school or college
• Supporting statement covering: description of the proposed development, evidence that the possible use of an existing mast, building or structure has been considered before submitting an application to erect a new mast, the purpose and the need for the particular development, compliance with ICNIRP requirements, height of the proposed antenna, the frequency and modulation characteristics, and the details of power output

Further information about this type of application is available on the Planning Portal.