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If you live in a conservation area, you will need planning permission to do the following:

• demolish a building with a volume of more than 115 cubic metres. There are a few exceptions, please contact our planning team on 01271 388288 who can provide information especially for your project
• to demolish a gate, fence, wall or railing more than one metre high next to a highway (including a public footpath or bridleway) or public open space, or more than two metres high elsewhere

The following items are needed for all applications

• Application form
• Location plan (scale 1:2500 or 1:1250) with site outlined in red
• Block plan (scale 1:500) or site plan (scale 1:200) showing extent of demolition
• Heritage statement (including photographs and a schedule of works) – if the proposal will affect a heritage asset
• Wildlife trigger List (and if required wildlife report)

Further information about this type of application is available on the Planning Portal.