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This application should be used when householder permission and listed building consent are required. This form should be used for proposals to alter or enlarge a single dwelling, including works within the boundary/garden of a dwelling. It should be used for projects such as:

• extensions
• conservatories
• loft conversions
• dormer windows
• garages, car ports and outbuildings

Please note that planning permission is not needed for all household building work. Under permitted development rules you can carry out a number of household building work projects, provided they meet certain limits and conditions. You can find out whether you need planning permission for your building project by viewing the Planning Portal's interactive house.

The following items are needed for all applications

• Application form and ownership certificate
• Location plan (scale 1:2500 or 1:1250) with site outlined in red
• Block plan (scale 1:500) or Site Plan (scale 1:200) – if the proposal will alter an existing building footprint or create a new building footprint
• Site levels (scale 1:200) – if the proposal will lead to a change in the level of the land
• Floor plans – existing and proposed (scale 1:50 or 1:100) – if the proposal will create, alter or add to a floor
• Elevation drawings – existing and proposed (scale 1:50 or 1:100) – if the proposal will create, alter or add to a building
• Cross section drawings through building – Existing and Proposed (scale 1:50 or 1:100) – if the proposal is for a loft conversion
• Supporting information
• Heritage Statement (including photographs and a schedule of works)
• Wildlife Trigger List (and, if required, Wildlife Report)
• Cross section drawings – proposed (scale 1:2 or 1:5) – of any new or replacement windows and doors and other architectural features)
• Roof plans – showing the existing and proposed layout of the roof structure (eg. position and type of roof trusses, ridges, purlins etc.) (scale 1:50 or 1:100) – if the proposal will alter the roof
• Flood Risk Assessment – if the proposal falls within flood zone 2 or flood zone 3
• Surface Water Drainage Report – if the proposal is in a Critical Drainage Area
• Letter of Justification from the Relative’s Doctor (or Other Appropriate Person) – if the proposal relates to the creation of a dependent relative’s ancillary accommodation

Further information about this type of application is available on the Planning Portal.