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If you live on any of the following streets, you are entitled to a residential permit for the above car park so long as you fall within a quarter of a mile (402m) radius

  • Adelaide Terrace, Ilfracombe
  • Albert Court, Ilfracombe
  • Apsley Terrace, Ilfracombe
  • Arcade Road, Ilfracombe
  • Avenue Road, Ilfracombe
  • Barns Passage, Ilfracombe
  • Belvedere Road, Ilfracombe
  • Berkeley Place, Ilfracombe
  • Brookfield Place, Ilfracombe
  • Burrow Road, Ilfracombe
  • Cambridge Grove, Ilfracombe
  • Castle Hill Avenue, Ilfracombe
  • Castle Hill, Ilfracombe
  • Church Street, Ilfracombe
  • Clarence Cottages, Ilfracombe
  • Coronation Terrace, Ilfracombe
  • Cow Lane, Ilfracombe
  • Cross Park, Ilfracombe
  • Fairfield, Ilfracombe
  • Fern Park, Ilfracombe
  • Fore Street, Ilfracombe
  • Fortescue Road, Ilfracombe
  • Gilbert Grove, Ilfracombe
  • Granville Road, Ilfracombe
  • Greenclose Road, Ilfracombe
  • Hermitage Road, Ilfracombe
  • High Street, Ilfracombe
  • Highfield Road, Ilfracombe
  • Horne Park Road, Ilfracombe
  • Horne Road, Ilfracombe
  • Hornebrook Avenue, Ilfracombe
  • Hostle Park Road, Ilfracombe
  • Hostle Park, Ilfracombe
  • Jubilee Close, Ilfracombe
  • Marine Place, Ilfracombe
  • Market Street, Ilfracombe
  • Marlborough Park, Ilfracombe
  • Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe
  • Meridian Place, Ilfracombe
  • Mill Head, Ilfracombe
  • Montpelier Lane, Ilfracombe
  • Montpelier Road, Ilfracombe
  • Northfield Road, Ilfracombe
  • Northfield Terrace, Ilfracombe
  • Oak Tree Gardens, Ilfracombe
  • Orchard Road, Ilfracombe
  • Oxford Grove, Ilfracombe
  • Oxford Park, Ilfracombe
  • Portland Park, Ilfracombe
  • Portland Street, Ilfracombe
  • Princess Avenue, Ilfracombe
  • Quayfield Road, Ilfracombe
  • Queens Avenue, Ilfracombe
  • Regent Place, Ilfracombe
  • Ropery Road, Ilfracombe
  • Runnacleave Road, Ilfracombe
  • Rupertswood Terrace, Ilfracombe
  • Shaftesbury Road, Ilfracombe
  • Sommers Crescent, Ilfracombe
  • South Burrow Road, Ilfracombe
  • Springfield Road, Ilfracombe
  • St Brannocks Park Road, Ilfracombe
  • St Peters Terrace, Ilfracombe
  • Tarry Lane, Ilfracombe
  • The Promenade, Ilfracombe
  • Victoria Road, Ilfracombe
  • Whittingham Road, Ilfracombe
  • Wilder Road, Ilfracombe
  • Windsor Court, Ilfracombe

Residents permits

Annual resident's permit £100.00

When requesting a resident’s permit, we require proof of residency which must be within a quarter of a mile radius of the car park, and proof of vehicle ownership. This documentation must be less than 3 months old.

Please note that some roads listed may be part roads with a select amount of houses eligible. If your address is outside of the 402m area you will not be able to purchase a permit

For more information about car parking or permits, please email or call 01271 388279

Other Ilfracombe residential permits