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In the spirit of transparency, we have started to publish a number of datasets for which we are responsible. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has committed local authorities to publish items of spending over £500 from January 2011. From August 2012, data is for spending items £250 and above. The data on this page covers payments to our suppliers and other recipients. Some personal data has been removed to comply with data protection law.
The data is presented as comma separated value (CSV) files which can be read by text editors and spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel and Open Office. To save the file to your computer, use right mouse click and select "save target as" or "save link as".

Datasets under Expenditure: 2014:

List of datasets
TitleDescriptionPublishedDownloadFile typeFile Size (bytes)Reviewed
Expenditure for December 2014 Dec 31 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_12.csv csv 72310 Never
Expenditure for November 2014 Nov 30 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_11.csv csv 79747 Never
Expenditure for October 2014 Oct 31 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_10.csv csv 101191 Never
Expenditure for September 2014 Sep 30 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_9.csv csv 83379 Never
Expenditure for August 2014 Aug 31 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_8.csv csv 66665 Never
Expenditure for July 2014 Jul 31 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_7.csv csv 86346 Never
Expenditure for June 2014 Jun 30 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_6.csv csv 89316 Never
Expenditure for May 2014 May 31 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_5.csv csv 64105 Never
Expenditure for April 2014 Apr 30 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_4.csv csv 96798 Never
Expenditure for March 2014 Mar 31 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_3.csv csv 95132 Never
Expenditure for February 2014 Feb 28 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_2.csv csv 71270 Never
Expenditure for January 2014 Jan 31 2014 ndc_spending_data_2014_1.csv csv 81322 Never

Open Government Licence

Unless otherwise stated, the data is licensed under the Open Government Licence. This means that you do not need permission to use or re-use the data.