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Open data

Top level, Grants and funding, Town and Parish funding:

This page links to data on town and parish (TAP) funding given to local organisations supporting a range of projects. The data includes the grant amount, grant recipient and for what purpose.

Datasets under Town and Parish funding:

List of datasets
TitleDescriptionPublishedDownloadFile typeFile Size (bytes)Reviewed
Climate Emergency Grants (CEG) 2021-2022 Jul 18 2022 Open Data CEG Awards 2021-2022.csv csv 87 Never
Communities Together Fund CTF 2018-2019 Mar 27 2019 CTF 1819.csv csv 3188 Never
TAP Funding 2017/2018 May 18 2018 TAP 201718.csv csv 3040 Never
TAP funding 2016/17 May 24 2017 TAP 201617.csv csv 3374 Never
TAP Funding 2014/2015 Mar 3 2017 TAP 1415.csv csv 3092 Never
TAP Funding 2015/2016 Mar 3 2017 NDCF 1516.csv csv 1906 Never
TAP funding 2012/13 Jan 5 2016 tap-funding-2012-13.csv csv 1731 Never
TAP funding 2013/14 Jan 5 2016 tap-funding-2013-14.csv csv 2204 Never

Open Government Licence

Unless otherwise stated, the data is licensed under the Open Government Licence. This means that you do not need permission to use or re-use the data.