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From 1 April, North Devon Council is simplifying its council tax reduction (CTR) scheme for working age people which is fairer, simpler, more affordable and easier to administer.

These changes only apply to claimants of working age and do not affect pension age claimants.

Changes include:

  • the introduction of income bands to calculate entitlement
  • increasing the maximum level of reduction a customer can receive from 75% to 80%
  • limiting the number of dependant children in the assessment to a maximum of two
  • introducing a standard deduction for customers who have other adults living with them
  • standardising the amount of income disregarded for customers who work

Some benefits such as Child Benefit, Disability Benefits or Carers Allowance will continue to be disregarded.

The new scheme will also give applicants more certainty about how much Council Tax they need to pay, and will result in fewer Council Tax bills being issued if their income fluctuates within the same band.

Lead Member for Resources and Commercialisation, Councillor Ian Roome, says: "As part of our commitment to help the most vulnerable households in our community we provide a CTR scheme for people of working age who are on low incomes. We’re making changes to the scheme to make it simpler and easier for people to understand, and for our staff to administer.The new income band system means that you can increase your hours or get a better paid job knowing in advance how much support you will get to help pay your council tax. You will also get fewer council tax bills if your Universal Credit changes – which I’m sure everyone will welcome."

Claimants will still need to tell the council about changes that might affect their CTR – including those who get Universal Credit who still need to apply to the council if they want to make a new claim for CTR.

To find out how this affects you or for more information, please visit our website or telephone us on 01271 388361.