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Agricultural contractors are being sought by North Devon Council to assist in the management of meadow sites in North Devon.

The council is looking for contractors to manage large wildflower sites that need to be cut twice a year and the grass removed. This process lowers the nutrient levels providing ideal conditions for wildflowers to grow, helping to support dwindling populations of native pollinators including butterflies, moths and bees, which pollinate food crops. 

Sites will be managed using a tractor fitted with suitable equipment and the sites are located around Ilfracombe and Barnstaple. These include local nature reserves, country wildlife sites and a scheduled monument, so contractors with experience of working on protected sites would be preferred.

North Devon Council's Lead Member for Climate Change, Councillor Graham Lofthouse says: "The good management and promotion of wildflower meadows is an essential part of your council’s work towards helping the climate emergency we all face. This work is crucial for successful provision of feeding of pollinators, without which our food supplies will fail."

North Devon Council's Lead Member for Environment, Councillor Netti Pearson says: "There has been such a collapse in the numbers and variety of insects and wildlife that we need to take whatever steps we can to restore our natural environment. The commitment of North Devon Council to create meadows across the district is a welcome and glorious step in that direction, but they need careful management to ensure they thrive."

Interested suppliers should contact to confirm their interest and that they have registered on our procurement portal Once invited, they must submit their documents on the portal, any documentation received outside of the portal will be excluded from assessment. The invited suppliers will be notified via the email address their account is linked with when the opportunity goes live.