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Some parts of North Devon's green spaces will be left to grow this month as part of a charity campaign aimed at supporting wildlife.

North Devon Council is taking part in 'No Mow May', a campaign by wild plant conservation charity Plantlife> They are asking residents and organisations to lock up their lawnmowers for the month of May in an effort to encourage wildflowers to grow and boost pollination.

Mark Kentell, Contracts Delivery Manager for North Devon Council, says: "North Devon Council has recently taken the grounds maintenance service back in-house and hopes to be expanding it’s meadow areas in the future. 'No Mow May' is just the start of the council's plans to do more for the natural environment through the work of its Parks Team.

"We are taking part by leaving some areas of our green spaces wild. The idea is to let the grass and flowers grow, providing increased nectar sources for insects during May. Everyone can get involved; by sowing wildflowers in their garden, taking part in the 'No Mow May' challenge, or even just leaving a patch of lawn uncut, residents can also help North Devon's bees, butterflies and wildlife."

The two sites that the council will leave to grow wild during May are the field behind Ilfracombe swimming pool and the area behind the skate park in Rock Park. A path will be cut around the sites so people can still walk or take exercise there.

For more information about the 'No Mow May' challenge and to find out how you can get involved, visit the Plantlife website.