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Ilfracombe harbour has recently benefited from an upgraded CCTV system after receiving a grant from the European Maritime Fisheries Fund in January of this year.

Seventeen new cameras were installed around Ilfracombe in April by Ad Hoc Ltd. Fifteen cover the main harbour with one overlooking Cheyne Beach to monitor the flood defenses only, paid for by the Environmental Agency and another covering Bendricks skate park. All cameras have been carefully set so they don’t overlook private property.

Plans for two more to cover the Larkstone Cove are in place, ready for the estimated completion of the Watersports Centre in March 2022.

Ilfracombe Harbour Master, Georgina Carlo-Patt says: "With these new high tech night vision cameras in place, it has given Ilfracombe Harbour much needed security coverage. I hope harbour users and our other valued visitors will enjoy the feel of security when visiting, or taking part in law abiding activities."

The funding has also allowed for a tannoy system to be installed which has enabled the operator to give safety messages to specific areas or to the whole harbour.