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Everyone across North Devon is urged to stick to national guidance and restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus as the number of cases in the district is starting to cause some concern.

North Devon now has one of the highest number of cases in Devon with the biggest numbers in Barnstaple, Braunton and Chivenor and in the rural areas around Bratton Fleming, Goodleigh and Muddiford.

Also of particular concern is the virus spreading in the workplace in communal areas. Whilst workplaces themselves may be Covid-safe, people are transmitting the virus to each other in places such as canteens, corridors, smoking areas, car parks and other shared spaces.

Leader of North Devon Council Councillor David Worden says: "The latest figures showing an increase of coronavirus cases in our area are concerning.

"After having very low levels up until now, we're worried that people think that they are somehow safer here than in other parts of the country but that is clearly not the case. People need to be as vigilant as ever to prevent further spread and save lives."

Devon Director of Public Health (designate) Steve Brown says: "The cases in the north of the county have thankfully been very low throughout this outbreak. But now we can see the numbers starting to rise in line with the rest of Devon and reflecting the national situation.

“Whilst the numbers still remain relatively low, this is a cause for concern and it shows that nowhere is really safe or immune from this virus.

“I would urge all local residents to act now and do all they can in order to keep safe and prevent the number of cases rising further and putting more pressure on local health services. That means keeping your guard up at all times and making sure you follow the basics - hands, face and space – avoid social contact with other households and respect national lockdown guidance.” 

Information on coronavirus cases in Devon can be found on Devon County Council's website. The government has also  published an interactive map which breaks down in more detail which specific areas have the higher cases. More information on national guidance and restrictions is on the government's website