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North Devon Council has launched a new community support hub to ensure the most vulnerable residents are not forgotten during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A new dedicated phoneline and online form are now available to those who need support who haven't already got help from family, friends, neighbours and their local community.

The service will vary according to where people live but will typically see the co-ordination of grocery shopping, prescription collections and social contact. In the major towns and villages, NDC will work alongside health and wellbeing partners One Northern Devon who have a network of volunteers on a street by street level. In the more rural areas, the partnerships will be with parishes and other community groups set up to support people during the crisis.

The public are being asked to check that their local neighbours are getting support and if they are worried about them, then contact the support hub who can make enquiries.

Council Leader Cllr David Worden says: "We know there are many people already receiving lots of support in their communities and it's wonderful to see the efforts people are going to. However, we're aware there will be people slipping between the cracks and this service is here to help them."

One Northern Devon Chair Dr John Womersley says: “It’s been fantastic to see so many groups spring up for people in communities to help one another. The One Northern Devon network does not replace that – we are using all the brilliant schemes that are out there and offering them our support. If there are any volunteers or volunteering groups that are not yet part of the network, we’d love to hear from you.”

The number to call is 01271 388280 and the online form and more information on community support are on the NDC website.