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You can report:

  • hygiene standards in food premises
  • food poisoning (keep a sample of the food and get confirmation from your doctor first)
  • food that is unfit to eat or contains foreign bodies (keep your receipt, the food and its packaging. Don't remove foreign bodies)

The quickest way to report a food hygiene issue is online:

Make a food complaint

How we investigate

An investigation may take several weeks. We will write to you to let you know the outcome of the investigation.

If we decide to take legal action, you will be asked to produce formal statements.

If you are happy, we will pass your contact details on to the food business concerned. Most major food companies like to contact customers to provide assurance of the quality of their products.

We will not try to gain compensation on your behalf, as this is between you and the retailer or the manufacturer.

Devon County Council Trading Standards deals with:

  • food that is past its use by date
  • complaints about the quality of food
  • labelling and false description of food