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Before you start

How much is this scheme costing the tax payer?

The e-scooter pilot is paid for in its entirety by our micro-mobility partner Zipp Mobility. They cover the costs of the infrastructure, such as the scooters, parking bays, IT infrastructure for the app, any warehouse or office base and all the staffing involved. They make their money by renting out the e-scooters. The council has not paid for and nor does it profit from the scheme.

What are the rules for riding e-scooters? 

You cannot:

  • use the service under the influence of any alcohol or drugs
  • ride on footpaths or pavements 
  • have more than one person on a e-scooter at a time 
  • rent a e-scooter on behalf of someone else

Do I need to wear a helmet when riding an e-scooter?

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to wear a helmet, Zipp always recommends our riders wear a helmet when on our e-scooters.

What time is the service active?

E-scooters are available to hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any changes to this, for example if the roads are covered in snow, then we will message users through the app.

How can I set up a profile on the app? 

To set up your profile, take the following steps:

  • download the Zipp Mobility app from the App Store or Google Play 
  • create an account 
  • add your payment method 
  • unlock a e-scooter on the map to begin the license verification process, take a selfie and get verified
  • you are good to go!

What age do I have to be?

You must be 16 years or over.

Do I need a driver’s licence? 

Yes. You must have a current, valid driver’s licence (a learner/provisional licence is acceptable) to use the service.

Is there a weight limit? 

Yes. The weight limit is 110kg or 242 lbs.

Am I insured? 

Yes. You are covered under our Rider Liability Insurance. This protects you against damages to third parties. You are covered up to a certain amount for material damages and unlimited for bodily injury to a third party. You are also covered under our Personal Accident insurance.

Users are protected up to a certain amount in the case of:

  • accidental death
  • permanent disability
  • temporary total disability
  • repatriation due to accident

How to ride

How do I start my first ride?

If your employer has an e-scooter ambassador, ask for an e-scooter initiation session and receive five free rides. Otherwise, taking your first ride is simple:

  • locate the nearest e-scooter on the app
  • scan the QR code located on the e-scooter 
  • follow the instructions and verify your driver’s licence if you have not already
  • begin your ride

How do I start the e-scooter?

Once you have scanned the QR code, kick off with one foot and press the accelerator gently. The e-scooter accelerator will not function from a standing start, so you need to push off first.

Where can I ride?

You may ride the e-scooters on the road (less than 40 mph) and in cycle lanes within the service area. The service area is indicated by the colour green on the map in the app. Anywhere cycles are allowed, the e-scooters can be used, unless a sign specifically indicates e-scooters are prohibited on that cycle way.

What are Restricted Zones? 

These are areas where the use of e-scooters is not allowed. This is indicated by the colour red on the map in the app. If you enter a restricted zone, the e-scooter will gently power down and will need to be pushed until outside the zone.

What are Slow Speed Zones?

These are areas where the e-scooter speed will automatically be reduced. This is indicated by the colour orange on the map in the app.

Can I pause my ride?

Yes, you can.

Are there pause fees?

Yes. The pause fee in North Devon is 14 pence a minute.

Why would I pause my ride?

Pausing your ride means nobody else can take the e-scooter. This is handy if you need to drop into the shop.

Ending my ride

How do I park the e-scooter?

To park the e-scooter

  • locate a designated parking bay in the app. These are marked in blue in the app
  • step off the e-scooter
  • click ‘end ride’ in the app

How do I end my ride?

To end a ride:

  • park the e-scooter in a designated parking bay. These are marked in blue in the app
  • step off the e-scooter
  • click ‘end ride’ in the app
  • upload a photo of your parked e-scooter to the app
  • you are done!

Problem with my ride

My licence verification will not work. What do I do?

If your licence will not verify after 2 attempts, please email with: 

  • a photo of the front and back of your licence; and 
  • a selfie

My driver’s licence does not have a photo. What do I do? 

If you have an old paper licence, please email with:

  • a photo of front and back of your licence
  • a photo of some form of photo ID
  • a selfie

I am not able to end my ride. What do I do?

You must end your ride in the designated parking zones. These are indicated by blue boxes in the app and by painted bays on the ground. If you are in a designated parking bay but you cannot end your ride, please raise a ticket in the support section of the app and customer service will fix this for you.

My e-scooter will not work. What do I do?

If your e-scooter stops working:

  • please end your ride 
  • raise a ticket in the app or email customer service at with the QR code and e-scooter licence number
  • start a ride on a new e-scooter

We will refund your ride once we have confirmed the e-scooter issues

I have unlocked the e-scooter, but it will not move. Why is this? 

There are three reasons why this may happen.

  1. Restricted Zones - the e-scooter may be in a Restricted Zone. If this is the case the e-scooter will be beeping. Please check the app and walk the e-scooter out of the Restricted Zone
  2. Outside the Service Area - the e-scooter may be outside the service area. If this is the case the e-scooter will be beeping. Please check the app and walk the e-scooter back into the service area
  3. Hardware Error - if the problem persists, please raise a ticket in support section of the app and choose another e-scooter! Our on-street team will collect and resolve the issue

I damaged an e-scooter. What do I do?

Contact support through the Support section and tell us what happened. Your safety is our number one priority, so we want all e-scooters to be always in excellent condition. 

I have been charged the wrong amount. What do I do?

We are sorry if this happens. Please raise a ticket in the Support section of our app and we will refund you.

Reserving an e-scooter

Can I reserve a e-scooter?

You can reserve a e-scooter for a 5-minute period. If you have not unlocked the e-scooter within the 5-minute period, the e-scooter will be released.


How much does the service cost? 

Full details of pricing and offers are available through the app (search Zipp Mobility). Zipp has a variety of discounts including for NHS staff and students of the Petroc, so it is always worth emailing to see if you qualify.

How do I pay? 

After registering for our app, you can add a payment method to your account. To do this, open your profile in the app, click on the payment method and chose the best option. You can choose from Mastercard, Visa or American Express. 

Where is my receipt? 

You can access the receipts for your Zipp rides directly in the app. You will also receive an email with a receipt immediately after your ride. 

How do I get a refund? 

Please contact Support through the app and we will refund you. If you are having issues processing your refund, please contact

How do I upload my card details? 

To do this, open your profile in the app, click on Payment Method and chose the best option. You can choose from Mastercard, Visa or American Express.

How long do refunds to my bank account take? 

If you are due to receive a refund, please allow 5 to 10 business days for the refund to process and appear in your bank account 


How can I report someone misusing a e-scooter? 

If you see someone misusing our e-scooters, please email us at 

Who should I contact if there is a problem with the E-scooter? 

If you notice a problem with one of our e-scooters, please report it through the Support section of the app or email us at

Who should I contact if there is a problem with the App? 

If you notice a problem with our app, please report it through the Support section of the app or email us at


Like to have a bay included in your area? 

Email us at

Have ideas of how we can improve the service?

Email us at We'll give you some free credit if we like your idea