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19.1  In the event of any complaint or dispute (which does not relate to the Council's right to withhold funds or terminate) arising between the parties to this Agreement in relation to this Agreement the Parties should first seek to resolve such dispute by consultation.

19.2  Should the complaint or dispute remain unresolved within 14 days either party may refer the matter to an appropriate senior member of staff within the Council and the Recipient with an instruction to attempt to resolve the dispute by agreement within 28 days, or such other period as may be mutually agreed by the Council and the Recipient.

19.3  In the absence of agreement under clause 19.2, the parties may seek to resolve the matter through mediation under the CEDR Model Mediation Procedure (or such other appropriate dispute resolution model as is agreed by both parties). Unless otherwise agreed, the parties shall bear the costs and expenses of the mediation equally.