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A CCG can not be given:

  • to organisations involved in party politics or promoting political views
  • for activities that promote religious beliefs or pay towards any maintenance or works to a religious building. However, religious organisations can receive grants for the community and social aspects of their activity which do not promote religious beliefs
  • retrospectively (for example, expense incurred or purchases made before a grant has been formally offered) or to meet debts or liabilities
  • to organisations that have not complied with the conditions of grants we have given in the past
  • for donations, to individuals or to profit making organisations
  • for projects that should ordinarily be the statutory responsibility of another organisation
  • to schools or academies (though PTA groups can apply for funding for extra-curricular activities)
  • if the organisation already holds substantial resources (any organisation that holds reserves over £75,000 will be expected to explain why they need a CCG)
  • for projects or activities outside the North Devon district
  • to projects already in receipt of statutory or strategic funding from us

If a councillor has any doubts on whether the points above apply in individual cases it should be raised with the Grants Office. If necessary the case will then be referred to the Chief Executive for guidance.

In some cases, councillors will wish to offer grant assistance to an organisation that they are involved with, for example, to a community group where the councillor is a trustee or committee member. In this instance, to avoid any possible appearance of impropriety the councillor must inform a Grants Officer when offering grant support who will note and keep a record.