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The first step for the grant seeker is to contact their ward councillor to discuss their project or service. Some wards have two or more councillors and the grant seeker should contact all of them for their support. If the project or service benefits people from more than one ward, the grant seeker should also contact the relevant councillors for those wards.

Information about who your ward councillor is can be found by entering your post on our 'my neighbourhood' page.

Once the councillor has indicated that they might like to support the applicant a simple form and some basic information is needed. 

The application form asks for:

⦁ contact details for the applicant
⦁ details of the organisation’s overall aims
⦁ financial information including bank account details
⦁ details of the project or service that requires funding
⦁ details of the project costs and how much grant funding is wanted

The applicant will also be expected to provide:

⦁ a quote or similar evidence of the cost of the project
⦁ the organisation’s latest set of annual accounts
⦁ the organisation’s Constitution, Standing Orders or similar
⦁ the organisation’s Safeguarding Policy if the project or service involves children or vulnerable adults.

You do not need to wait for a response from the Councillor(s) before submitting your application to us.

The application must be submitted, with the required information/documentation via the online service:  

Apply online for a Community Councillor Grant


If you have any queries, or require the application in a different format, please contact the Grants Team on 01271 388253 or email