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Ilfracombe Harbour Authority believe that they comply with the standards laid down in the Port Marine Safety Code in that they have:

  • Consulted widely with harbour users and identified the main risks associated with the operation of the Harbour. Ranked and prioritised the risks and ensured that appropriate risk control measures are recorded and in place
  • Identified further and evaluated options for reducing risks where the existing risk control measures do not appear to be adequate. This is an ongoing process with a view to introducing any further appropriate measures as soon as practicable
  • Introduced a safety management system, which includes policies for emergency plans, conservancy, environment, management of navigation, the needs of pilotage and marine services to ensure that risks continue to be identified and reviewed and re-appraised in the light of operating experience
  • Made plans for audit by an independent designated person to confirm by report the Authority complies with the requirements of the Code
  • Undertaken a review of legislation and existing bye-laws with a view to amending and updating where necessary
  • Published a Harbour Safety Policy