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TitleDescriptionPublishedDownloadFile typeFile Size (bytes)Reviewed
Revenue received by the Council in parking charges and fines - 2009/10 - 2022/23 A breakdown of the amount of revenue the Council received in parking charges and fines for the financial years from 2009/10 through to and including 2021/22. The figures contained in this dataset are provided directly by Finance which extracts the data is direct from the general ledger. All of these figures will not include VAT and represents the net revenue received by the Council. May 24 2023 Parking Charges and Fines Revenue 200910 to 202223.csv csv 1380 Yearly
Income from Pay and Display machines and through RingGo by Town The dataset provides a breakdown of the income the Council received from pay and display machines and RingGo, broken down by town from 2009/10 - 2021/22. The figures contained in this dataset are provided by the Parking Office which extracts from their Parking System. All of these figures will include VAT. There are sometimes communications problems between the machines and the parking system, so although the money continues to be taken through the machines, this will not always show on the Parking system. Oct 25 2022 Income from pay and display machines and RingGo 200910 - 202122.csv csv 2817 Yearly
Overspend in North Devon Parking Machines The dataset provides a breakdown, by area of the parking machines the Council is responsible for and the amounts of overspend for each financial year from 2010/11 to 2019/20 and the year 2021/22. This data for the year 2020/21 is currently under review and will be published as soon as the review is completed. Nov 1 2022 Car Parking Overpayments 201011 - 202122.csv csv 3783 Yearly

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