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Open data

Top level, Council assets:

Lower level classifications under Council assets:

Datasets under Council assets:

List of datasets
TitleDescriptionPublishedDownloadFile typeFile Size (bytes)Reviewed
Leasehold commercial properties Please note that individual leaseholder names are redacted from this information in accordance with Section 40 of the Act. This dataset is currently being update for publication in due course. Feb 16 2022 Commercial Properties Leasehold Details leases under 7 years Feb 2022 (2).xlsx xlsx 11467 Yearly
Freehold Disposals and Acquisitions Details of building, land and heritage assets disposed of by the Council and details of buildings, land and heritage assets acquired by the Council from 2010 - 2021 Dec 17 2021 Freehold disposals acquisitions 2010 - 2021.csv csv 4525 Yearly
Vacant, unused or underused land in Council area Apr 8 2022 Vacant unused underused land 2022 (6).csv csv 717 Yearly
Commercial Property or Land Owned by NDC Used for Investment or Other Purposes Aug 11 2022 Commercial Property for Inv and Other Purposes 2022.csv csv 4545 Yearly
Council asset register Feb 16 2022 Asset Register February 2022.csv csv 32428 Yearly
Ilfracombe Harbour Water usage Jun 1 2022 Harbour Water Usage 2015-2021.xlsx xlsx 23497 Yearly
Vacant land and properties owned by the Council Jun 8 2022 Vacant Land and Properties Owned by NDC May 2022 CSV.csv csv 1573 Yearly

Open Government Licence

Unless otherwise stated, the data is licensed under the Open Government Licence. This means that you do not need permission to use or re-use the data.