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Disclosure Log - October 2022
Ref: Response issued: Information Requested:





8701 04.10.22 Facilities Management & Utilities Benchmarking

Completed Excel spreadsheet provided to the applicant which is available upon request

8714 18.10.22 How many green bin collections have been missed and cancelled this year 2022 for the applicant’s postcode

Applicant advised that there has been no missed green been collections and two cancelled during 2022 to date of issue of response

The cancelled collections were the Queen’s Jubilee and the Queen’s Funeral

The Council did attend one day late to a collection in September 2022

8717 20.10.22

Information regarding developer contributions, or Section 106 payments, specifically, unpaid and overdue payments, for example payments that were tied to a specific date or point in a project, or payments that have been invoiced for but not received

For every payment that is owed to the council, the following details:

a) The amount of money owed;

b) The date by which it was supposed to have been paid or

c) If payment is tied to a trigger point in development rather than a date, then the date an invoice was raised

d) The reference number for the associated planning case

Applicant provided with an Excel spreadsheet (available upon request) with the information regarding the current outstanding invoices. These unfortunately only identify where an invoice has been raised but not paid.  It will not identify where trigger points have been reaches but no invoice raised

The Planning department confirms that they do not have the ability at present to identify where trigger points have been reached and rely on being told when to raise an invoice by the case officer/parish/consultee/other person that would know

Please note that the Councils Section 106 process is currently being re-vamped and the identification/recording of trigger points will be something that this process will include in the future

8720 18.10.22

Please include the information for each of the following financial years; 2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22:

Total annual expenditure on air freshener by the council. Included in this are automatic sprays, plug ins, instant sprays and aerosols, decorative and solid room fresheners

If possible, can you also provide me with a list of products purchased, without the individual prices, as this may trigger the Section 43 exemption

2019/20 = Zero spend

2020/21 = Zero spend

2021/22 = Zero Spend

 8725 19.10.22

The following information regarding your facilities management approach: 

• If any, which software solution(s) are used to manage your corporate property/assets, ownerships and occupations, lease agreements and facilities management (CAFM), and who are your current provider(s)? 

• What is the start date and duration of the contract(s)? 

• Is there an extension clause in the contract(s) and, if so, the duration of the extension? 

• Has a decision been made yet on whether the contract(s) will be extended or renewed? 

• What is the annual value of the contract(s)? 

• What is the total contract value of each contract? 

• How was the contract(s) procured, e g framework/tender? 

• Who is the senior officer responsible for these systems?

The Council confirms that it publishes all of the details requested on its Contract Register:


Asset Management System - Facility Support and Maintenance Renewal Contract


8728 06.10.22 CON29 information relating to a property at EX34 0PA Applicant advised that no information is held None
8729 26.10.22

The site is for a mobile home - planning number 39699

Site: Land Adjacent to Field OS 0075 Long Lane, Berry Down, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, EX34 0NZ

Can you confirm the first date Council Tax was paid for the mobile home, if any court proceedings and what the outcome was for any non-payment of Council Tax

Details of any enforcement action for the siting of the mobile home

The Revenues team is able to confirm that the mobile home has been banded for Council Tax since 2003, however they are unable to disclose any specific information as it relates to the ratepayer (whose name does not match with the name of requesters client) and is therefore considered to be third party personal data which the Council does not have the consent to disclose.  A disclosure under the Act would not just be to information requester but also the world at large and the Revenue team raises concerns about making this type of data publicly available under the Act 

It is suggested by the Revenues team that the ratepayer for Council Tax at the mobile home make contact them direct and this information can be disclosed directly to them 

Applicant provided with information that is still held relating to a closed Enforcement case (7255) in 2014 which was then subsequently closed that same year when the Enforcement Notice was withdrawn and no further action was taken on the appeal. They understand that at the time, the case file existed in hard copy format and not all of the documents (including the appeal ones) were scanned/retained once the hard copy file was destroyed. All personal data was redacted throughout the information

Section 40 of Act and Regulation 13 (Personal Data)
8730 05.10.22

1. How many public EVCPs are there within your local authority area? *

An EVCP refers to a device, not a location or connector. For example, in one single location, there may be two charging points. Each charging point may have 4 connectors/sockets. We are only looking for the ‘2” figure 

2. What is the most common speed of EVCPs within the local authority area? Please select N/A if there are no EVCPs  

3. How many 22kW or above EVCPs is your local authority planning to install in the next 12 months? 

4. How many public EVCPs currently operate within your local authority?  

5. Do public EVCPs need planning permission in your local authority? 

6. Does the local authority currently operate any public EVCPs? 

7. Has the local authority a published Electric Vehicle, or Electric Vehicle Charging Point strategy in place? 

8. How does your local authority plan to pay for installing future EVCPs? 

9. What is deemed greatest barrier to the deployment of public EVCPs, by the local authority? 

10. Does your local authority/council/borough record data internally on public EVCPs?

  1. Six
  2. Faster (up to 22kW Three phase)
  3. 10
  4. Six
  5. Dependent on Location/infrastructure/case
  6. No
  7. No
  8. Public/private partnership
  9. Energy network constraints (e g lack of network capacity)
  10. No
8731 14.10.22 A copy of the submitted information and communication for application 39699 that is not already published on the planning tracker Information provided to the applicant with all personal information (where it is not already published) redacted throughout None
8732 06.10.22 CON29 information relating to a property at EX31 1QT Applicant provided with the information, where held and also directed to the Council’s website for some of the information None
8733 14.10.22 CON29 information relating to a property at EX32 7JG Applicant advised that no information is held None
8734 03.10.22 The applicant requests information in regards to the Council’s current process for recycling and disposing of your redundant IT equipment, providing the details of the steps involved in the current method, including how the Council’s stores them, if collected then by who and when and what paperwork the Council receives and how it ensures data protection

The Council works with Stone Computers Ltd, who ensure that hardware is securely erased (providing certification for this), and minimise the amount of waste going to Landfill

The Council’s WEEE collections are securely collected by Stone Computers Ltd and either erased using Blancco data erasure software in order for the item to be recycled and then either donated to which is a charity that helps setup classrooms with IT equipment giving children the chance to use technology that they would otherwise not be able to access; or used for the Microsoft get on line initiative which has been in place since 2012. Recycled IT equipment such as laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones are securely erased, re-programmed with latest software and supplied to vulnerable families, children with disabilities or low-income households from the grants provided by the government

Stone also re-sell via their e-commerce website which is a public-facing where IT equipment can be purchased at a fraction of the cost

8735 14.10.22 A copy of the pre-application response cited below ref ENQ 2443 2021 issued 11 August 2021 by the Planning unit

Copy of the information provided to the applicant with the consent of the Agent and applicant to which received this response

8736 11.10.22

1. How much has been requested/paid, so far for the costs awarded to the developer of planning application 60823. (Appeal and costs granted due to the failure of the Council to have a proper Local Plan)

2. Information and clarification on statements made by Cllr Mackie about Developers costs (which she says cannot be claimed because a Local Plan is in place) have been ignored by both Cllr Mackie and Cllr Saxby

Section 1(1)(a) of the Act requires the Council to inform you whether it holds information of the description specified in your request. The Council confirms that it does hold information in relation to the first paragraph the request. The Council considers that the second paragraph is a statement and that it does not seek to request any specific information and so the Council does not consider this falls under the remit of the Act 

In discharge of its obligation under section 1(1)(b) the Council confirms that it does hold a suggested figure from the Appellant, however it is yet to make any payment as the Council is currently negotiating that suggested figure with the Appellant 

Once the negotiations have been completed and a settled figure has been either agreed by both the Council and the Appellant or determined by a third party, the Chief Executive of North Devon Council will then prepare a report for Council committee which will then place this information into the public domain via the Council’s website 

The Council anticipates that the negotiations will be completed within the next three months, however please be advised that it is possible that they could take longer. Alternatively, should the negotiations not take as long as estimated and a settled figure can be agreed sooner, the Chief Executive will take his report to Council committee as soon as practicably possible 

In accordance with Section 22(1), Information is exempt if: 

a)    the information is held by the public authority with a view to its publication, by the authority or any other person, at some future date (whether determined or not) 

As Section 22(1) is qualified by a public interest test, there are, therefore, four questions to consider: 

• Is there an intention to publish the requested information at some future date? 

Yes, prior to the receipt of the request, the Council has intended to make this information publicly available 

At the time of the applicant’s previous FOI under 8602 earlier this year, the Chief Executive confirmed then that it is his intention to present the information, once held, by way of a report to Council committee which will then place into the public domain via the Council website 

• Was the information already held with a view to publication at the time the request was made? 

Yes, the Council did already hold this information prior to receipt of the FOI request on 3 October 2022 

• Is it reasonable to withhold the information from disclosure until the intended date of publication? 

Yes, the Council considers it is reasonable to withhold the figure received from the Appellant at this time 

Public Interest Test 

Arguments for Disclosure 

A disclosure of the suggested figure from the Appellant at this time would provide the applicant and the wider local community an indication as to the amount that the Appellant is seeking from the Council in order to better understand the current situation and also proactively promote transparency and openness on the Council’s part and enable the public scrutiny of the matter 

Arguments for Withholding 

Whilst the Council is aware of the importance of keeping its constituents fully informed of matters that affect them and it appreciates that this particular planning application has caused much public upset and frustration, it is however currently in a period of negotiation with the Appellant. It is important that the Council has a safe space for it to partake in these negotiations with the Appellant away from public scrutiny and interference that may otherwise seek to prejudice or harm the process to the detriment of the Council and which would almost certainly lead to it being unable to successfully agree a settled figure that is acceptable to both parties. If this were to happen, it would result in a third party being required to make a decision that may not be satisfactory for either the Council, the Appellant or the residents and taxpayers of North Devon 

For example, if the suggested figure were to be released at this critical time it would, in the Council’s view, most certainly increase the risk of Council Staff and Members being lobbied and pressured to make a decision that does not align with the Council’s requirements and distract their attention away from the facts of the matter 

The Council’s considers that a disclosure of the suggested figure at this time would almost certainly prejudice the ongoing discussions with the Appellant and weaken its negotiating position. It is important that the negotiations are carried out in a logical and legal manner unaffected by political considerations 

The settled figure, upon the completion of the negotiation period between the Council and The Appellant will be made publicly available within a report prepared by the Chief Executive Council. The report will be published on the Council’s website and so will be placed into the public domain 

• Does the public interest favour maintaining the exemption or disclosing the information? 

The Council appreciates that there is always a presumption favouring disclosure and that being as transparent and accountable as possible, however, given that the arguments for withholding outweighs the argument for disclosure, The Council regrets to confirm that on this occasion it is unable to disclose any of the requested information as set out in the request under this exception at this time 

However, as explained above, the information is only being withheld whilst negotiations are on-going in order to protection the Council’s and Appellants interests and the information will be made publicly available as soon as a settle figure is reached

Section 22 of Act
8737 06.10.22

1. What IT projects are planned to take place within the organization over the next 5 years and when?

Please specifically include details of networking, telephony and communications

2. What are the key parts of your Digital Transformation strategy for the next 3 years?

3. What adoption of Internet of Things and Smart Cities has been implemented?

4.What adoption of Internet of Things or Smart Cities is being considered or planned?

5. With more employees now working in a hybrid environment, what measures are in place to facilitate this securely?

1. The Council is looking to review and improve Cyber security (next 6 -12 months), replace the core virtual server environment and storage (next 3 months), refresh network infrastructure (next 12 months), review telephony and contact centre (next 12/24 months), extend Office 365 use (next 12 months) and review desktop deployment (next 6 -12 months)

2. The Council is planning to improve the Council Tax/NDR online service, and implement Online Billing

3. There has been no adoption of the Internet of Things and/or Smart Cities to date

4. There are currently no plans to adopt Internet of Things or Smart Cities

5. Employees are provided with council equipment, which enforces our security measures and use two factor authentication where applicable
8738 04.10.22

2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/present

  • The number of households living in overcrowded properties, as defined by Section 325 of the Housing Act 1985, per year
  • The number of council-owned or council-managed properties in the authority, per year if this number has changed over the five year time span
  • Average waiting times for a household to be moved to a larger property per year
  • The number of new council-owned or council-managed properties per year

The Council does not have any long-term Council housing stock (this was transferred to North Devon Homes Ltd on 21 February 2000), however it does have a number of temporary accommodation units as set out below: 

Nine self-contained units used for short-term placements for homeless families that the Council owes a housing duty to. They remain there until they are able to secure alternative secure accommodation 

The Devon Homes Choice policy does award overcrowding priority for applicants on the Devon Homes Choice register bit it does not identify if overcrowding is in accordance with Section 325 of the Housing Act 1985.  The policy award is based on the number of bedrooms and persons in a property: 

Please also note: 

• Average waiting times for a household to be moved to a larger property per year - Applicants are often awarded banding for multiple reasons so we would not be able to identify if their reason for rehousing was purely due to needing a larger property 

Applicant referred to 3.5.3 and 3.6.2 of the Devon Home Choice Policy which is published on the Devon Home Choice website

8739 14.10.22

CON29 information relating to a property at EX32 8BT

Applicant advised that no information is held

8740 26.10.22

1. The total number of Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) issued by your Local Authority in 2020, 2021, and January to June 2022

2. The total revenue raised by your Local Authority from PCNs in 2020, 2021, and January to June 2022

3. The proportion of PCNs paid within 14 days to receive a reduced fine in 2020, 2021, and January to June 2022

1. Please refer to the published datasets for this information for 2020 and 2021

2022 (01.01.22 to 30.06.2022) Total PCNs issued = 2,551 (this includes warning notices)

2. 2020 = £61,218.73

    2021 = £118,874.62

    2020 (01.01.22 – 30.06.22) = £28,103.94

Please also refer to the Council’s Revenue received by the Council in parking charges and fines - 2009/10 - 2021/22 dataset for the financial years for this information

3. 01.01.20 – 31.12.20 = Total PCNs = 5,708, paid with discount = 3,166 = 55.47%

01.01.21 – 31.12.21 = Total PCNs = 5,785, paid with discount = 3,284 = 26.77%

01.01.22 – 30.06.22 = Total PCNs = 2,551, paid with discount = 1,016 = 39.83%

Total PCNs includes warning notices

8741 14.10.22

CON29 information relating to a property at EX32 8BN

Applicant advised that no information is held

8742 14.10.22

A copy of the formal pre-application response regarding planning application 76024 (ENQ 2443 2021 issued 11 August 2021)

Applicant provided with a copy with the consent of the Agent and applicant to which received this response

8744 10.10.22

Warm Banks have been described as ‘warm spaces' to provide heated sites for those unable to afford their energy bills', which will be rolled out through the winter as a response to the energy crisis of 2022 

In regard to this definition please supply the following information: 

1. Has the council approved plans for any council-run ‘warm banks’, ‘warm spaces’, or locations where people can access warmth as a result of the energy crisis at no cost since April 6th 2022? 

2. If so, how many? 

3. How is your authority funding or intending to fund these warm banks? (i e were any grants sought, or is the council providing grants to third-sector organisations to do so) 

4. If the council has approved any warm banks or similar, did the authority acquire grants in order to fund them and - if so - what were the names of those grants? 

5. If there are warm banks in the local authority area, how many are run by the council and how many are run by external organisations? 

6. If the council has approved any warm banks or similar, what is or will be the eligibility criteria to access them? 

7. How much funding has been approved for providing ‘warm banks’ or similar since April 6th, 2022? 

8. If there are warm banks operating or set to operate in the local authority area – how many of these will operate or do operate from within council-owned buildings? Can you state which buildings they are?

1. No council run schemes but we are in contact with all parishes within the district to offer support to any community run schemes

2. N/A

3. We have a Welfare fund which we will use for any support needed

4. N/A

5. No council run schemes and we awaiting confirmation on any external

6. N/A

7. None to date (10th October 2022) but the offer is out there for external requests to the Council for funding support

8. N/A
8745 10.10.22

Applicant seeking information about a tree on their property which is causing safety concerns and how to find out if it is protected and if it is, what can they do

Applicant advised that the Council does hold this information. The Council’s mapping tool via its website publishes details of all protected trees in North Devon

Applicant advised that if they find that the tree that they are concerned about does have a Tree Preservation Order against it, that they should email the Council’s Planning department as they will need to seek permission from the authority before any works can be carried out

8746 11.10.22

UASC Personnel within the organisation 

1. How many Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children and Young People (UASC) are in your Local Authority’s care as of 10th October 2022? 

a.    On the above numbers, how many are aged under 12, 13-15 and 16-17? 

2. How many UASC were in your Local Authority care on the financial years ending: 

a.    31 March 2021 

b.    31 March 2020 

c.     31 March 2019 

3. Do you have a team/s that solely manage UASC cases? 

a. If yes, could you outline the Team Structure and where it sits within the organisation? For example, 1 Team comprises 1 Team Manager, 2 Senior Social Workers and 2 Social Workers 

b. If no, is there a reason as to why? 

4. Please supply the Job Descriptions of the workers who manage UASC cases? e g Social Worker, Senior Social Worker, Assistant Team Manager and Team Manager 

Age Assessments

5. How many age assessments have the Local Authority conducted on the financial years ending: 

a. 31 March 2021 

b. 31 March 2020 

c. 31 March 2019 

6. Does the Local Authority’s Social Workers complete the age assessments? If not, who does? 

7. How many of the above age assessments resulted in the person to be: 

 a. Under 18

     i. 31 March 2021

     ii. 31 March 2020

     iii. 31 March 2019

 b. 18 or over

     i. 31 March 2021

      ii. 31 March 2020

      iii. 31 March 2019

8. Were any of the above age assessment challenged by a way of Judicial Proceedings? 

a. If so, how many are active? 

b. How many have concluded?

 i. Out of the above number, how many resulted in the Local Authority’s favour?

9. Please provide a copy of all templates used for competing an age assessment. For example, some local authorities complete shorten version of an age assessment, brief enquiries, or welfare visits 

10. Do you have a policy or practice guidance for staff on the age assessment process? 

a. If yes, please provide a copy 

Social Work Practice 

11. What is the process when the Local Authority received a referral of an UASC in your area?

a. If you have guidance/policy, please provide a copy.

b. Is the arrangement different on Out of Hours? 

12 Do you use social media checks at any point during the age assessment process? 

a. If so, do you have a policy/guidance, please supply a copy 

13.Could you provide a breakdown on the current UASC in your care on their placement type? For example, 23 in foster care, 21 in semi-independent 24/7 support, 33 in semi-independent non24/7 support 

14.Please provide copies of any policies, guidelines, or practice resources that are aimed at UASC?

The information requested is not held by this authority. Applicant directed onto Devon County Council’s Information Governance team for a response for the North Devon area

8747 11.10.22

1. The amount of discretionary housing payments (DHP) the council has given out in the financial year ending March 2019

2. The amount of discretionary housing payments the council has given out in the financial year ending March 2020

3. The amount of discretionary housing payments the council has given out in the financial year ending March 2021

4. The amount of discretionary housing payments the council has given out in the financial year ending March 2022

5. The amount of discretionary housing payments the council has given out in the first half of the financial year up until the end of September 2022
  1. Year 18/19 = £145,279.00
  2. Year 19/20 = £159,241.00
  3. Year 20/21 = £192,930.00
  4. Year 21/22 = £168,917.34
  5. Year 22/23 = £ 55,908.16
8748 26.10.22

A yearly breakdown of beach closures in the Council area as a result of sewage discharge and pollution incidents between 2010 and 2022 to date

The Council’s Environmental Protection team confirms that the Council has not closed any beaches between 2010 and 2022 to date as a result of sewage discharge and pollution incidents None
8749 21.10.22

1. How much money was your council granted by the Department for Work and Pensions during tranche 2 of the Household Support fund e g money granted for 1 April 2022 to 30 September 2022?

2. How much money did your council spend of the granted money from tranche 2 e g money spent 1 April 2022 to 30 September 2022?

3. Where any restrictions placed on how you could spend this money? If so, what were they?

1. £0. Devon County Council (DCC) was granted money from DWP. North Devon Council was awarded an amount from that allocation from DCC = £350,006

2. £350,006 (100%)

3. One third of the total awarded to DCC needed to be allocated to Pensioners

8750 25.10.22

CON29 information relating to a property at EX34 0NS

Applicant advised that no information is held

8754 18.10.22

1. How many individual requests has the Council received from the Home Office to provide housing or accommodation for asylum seekers, refugees, legal migrants and illegal migrants? (From Saturday 1st January 2022 - Friday 14th October 2022)

2. How many asylum seekers, refugees, legal migrants and illegal migrants has the Council successfully provided housing or accommodation for during this period? (From Saturday 1st January 2022 - Friday 14th October 2022)

1. Zero

2. N/A
8755 31.10.22

1. Any electronic copy of any policies, procedures or guidance that you issue to staff concerning the management of electronic media files (such as images, photos, and video files) on your network infrastructure? 

2. Do you use impose or implement restrictions on the size and types of files which can be stored on your network? If so, please include any recommendations issued to staff 

3. Please forward any guidance issued to staff concerning managing and working with large media files (such as images, photos, and video files) 

4. Do you allow staff to directly copy media files (such as images, photos, and video files) from mobile devices (for example, cameras or smartphones) onto your network? 

5. If yes to the above, do you impose restrictions on the type or sizes of files that can be copied on your network? 

6. Please send me a copy of any email bulletins, staff communications or project plans about the clean-up of electronic file storage areas (such as network shared drives and personal drives) 

7. Please send me a copy of any file plans (management of electronic files) issued to your staff

1. The Council does not issue this sort of information/guidance to its staff 

2. There are limitations on the sizes of files that can be emailed but no specific restrictions upon the files being stored 

3. The Council does not issue this of information/guidance, this would be done verbally if/when required 

4. Access is only permitted via registered devices 

5. Not at present. The email filtering system will block certain file types 

6. Any emails would be fairly generic, along the lines of ‘please delete any unwanted files, however ICT confirms that they do not keep emails of this nature for long as there is no requirement to do so.  They have carried out a search and have been unable to find any such examples that fall under the remit of this part of the request. They also confirm that they do run periodic and ad-hoc checks and have recently started a process of archiving very old files (where applicable) 

7. The Council does not issue this sort of information/guidance to its staff

8757 17.10.22

Applicant gathering data on the fuel (usually gas but also electricity) used by crematoriums for the cremation process

1. The gas usage over a set period of time (ideally 1 year, but please specify timeframe) and how many cremations were completed during this time

2. Details on the manufacturer of your cremator, its size, how many you have, and whether it is brick or block lined?

3. Any information on different coffin types and how long the cremation process is? e g solid wood versus cardboard

The Council provided the figures for April 2020 – March 2021

North Devon Crematorium Gas/Electricity April 2020 – March 2021

Month         Gas         Electricity

April            65,379     8,568

May            64,819     8,593

June           72,340     8,080

July            79,545     6,970

August        67,112    7,523

September 73,703     7,259

October      69,729     8,498

November  70,495     9,171

December  62,243     9,621

January      74,747    11,567

February    67,290     11,350

March        72,899      10,703

Total         840,301     107,903

During this period 1,675 cremations of all types carried out

Two Facultative Technologies (1x FT2 and 1x FT3) cremators which are both block lined (in April 2020)

An ‘average cremation’ takes approximately 70 - 75 minutes and is not greatly affected by coffin types


8758 20.10.22

To see the fines or tickets for the Gypsy communities who parked without paying this calendar year (2022) and particularly the attendant who targeted the applicant’s vehicle in regard to the traveller communities

Applicant advised that the Council does not hold the information requested on this occasion

The Parking Office is unable to identify if any PCNs have been issued to the Gypsy/Traveller community as a PCN could be issued and paid so no name and address would be held

Also, payments do not always provide a name and address. Even if a name and address are given in some instances, the Parking Office are unable to determine whether they are a Gypsy/Traveller as this information is not specifically recorded as the team has no requirement to request ethnicity details

The Council is therefore satisfied that it holds no information that would enable it to be able to answer the request in this instance

8759 19.10.22

1. What supplier do you use for your freedom of information system?

2. What was the total cost of the contract with the supplier?

3. When did the contract start?

4. When does the contract expire?

5. Total number of FOI requests between 01/10/2021 and 01/10/2022?

1. The Council does not have a dedicated FOI system for responding to information requests, however as the Council’s Legal team has overall responsibility for processing the requests, it utilises its Legal Case Management System Iken (Iken business Limited) for the recording and processing of requests it receives

2. This is published via the link provided above

3. This is published via the link provided above

4. This is published via the link provided above

5. 712

8760 25.10.22

- As separate figures, the anticipated cost of Christmas lights, Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations for the Christmas period starting this year

- Please also provide the actual cost of Christmas lights, trees and other decorations for each annual Christmas period from 2018 up until the most recent date available

- Anticipated energy consumption for Christmas lights for the Christmas period starting this year, as well as actual consumption for each Christmas period from 2018 up until the most recent date available

- The daily schedule for Christmas light activity, for this Christmas period and for each annual Christmas period from 2018 up until the most recent date available

- Will you or have you cancelled any switch-on events
Applicant advised that since before 2018, North Devon Council makes an annual £5,000 contribution to Barnstaple Town Centre Management (BTCM) towards Christmas lights and this also includes this year, however the Council has no further involvement after making this contribution as it managed by BTCM and any associated energy consumption is covered by the businesses, therefore Council does not hold any data regarding data consumption None
8761 26.10.22

Copies of the expired/historic licences for the following four properties; 1 and 15 Sunflower Road, Barnstaple, 25 Litchdon Street, Barnstaple and Rosehill, 2 Portland Villas (since Coombe Fisheries Ltd/ [owners name redacted] is owner)

Below are dates of acquisition:

  • 1 Sunflower Road – December 2009
  • 15 Sunflower Road – September 2014
  • Litchdon Street – July 2005
  • Rosehill, 2 Portland Villas – May 2005
Copies of the held expired/historic licences provided to applicant None
8764 24.10.22 How the applicant’s Council Tax payments are spent by the Council

The North Devon Council website contains Information on Council tax charges and how council tax is spent. There are hyperlinks from this page to the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner website, Devon County Council website and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service website. Details of this authority’s Budgets and spending are set out within the linked Performance and spending pages of our website 

In accordance with Section 21(1) of the Act, the Council is not obliged to provide information that is already in the public domain. However, it does have a duty under Section 16(1) to provide all applicants advice and assistance in order to assist with locating the information, which the Council has done so in providing the links above

Sections 16 and 21 of Act
8765 25.10.22

1. The Name and email address of the Head of Digital Transformation in the council if such a role exists OR if that role does not exist

2. The name, job title and email address of the person responsible for digital transformation in the Council

1. The role does not exist within North Devon Council.

2. Andy Tapp, ICT Manager

8767 25.10.22

IR1: How many Community Trigger Applications has the Council received from April 2018 – April 2022? 

IR2: Out of the Community Trigger applications received during the proposed time frame: 

a) How many applications did not meet the threshold?

b) How many applications met the threshold?

B1. Did all of those that met the threshold result in a panel/review meeting? If not, are you able to expand the reasons why a review hearing did not occur? 

IR3: Do you have information on the Community Trigger on the Council website? 

IR4: Do you have a specified point of contact for those submitting a Community Trigger? 

IR5: What is your threshold criteria for a Community Trigger application to be met? 

IR6: Please select how the Community Trigger can be applied for the Council 

Online form, telephone, In writing, downloadable form, other 

IR7: Does the Council share all of the Community Trigger applications received with all the relevant bodies? 

IR8: Does the Council provide an independent chair to hold Community Trigger panel hearings?

IR8(2): How does the Council define independent? 

- The chair is from a different organisation/agency that is NOT involved with the case OR

- The chair is from within the Council but not involved with or has had any previous involvement with the case 

IR9: Are the victims given the opportunity to: 

- Attend the initial part of the Community Trigger Panel hearing/case review?

- Have a representative attend on their behalf?

- Provide a statement to be read aloud at the Community Trigger Panel hearing/case review? 

IR10(1): On what grounds are applicants able to appeal? 

IR10(2): Who chairs the Council’s appeal meetings? 

IR11: How many appeals has the Council received in relation to the Community Trigger application not meeting the threshold? How many of these appeals were upheld? 

IR12: How many appeals have been made following the outcome of a Community Trigger panel hearing/case review?

IR1 1

IR2 a) 0 b) 1

Yes, panel meeting held

IR3 Yes

IR4 Yes

IR5 As follows: 

O the investigation into the antisocial behaviour has been completed 

• the first report of antisocial behaviour was made within one month of the alleged behaviour taking place 

• the initial report was made after April 2014

• there have been three or more reports of antisocial behaviour in the last 6 months 

• the alleged incidents have all been reported to an agency, e g Devon and Cornwall Police, North Devon Council or a local Registered Social Landlord 

IR6 Telephone

IR7 No


IR9 All

IR 10 Appeals go to the Police and Crime Commissioner

IR 11 0

IR 12 0

8770 27.10.22

Whether North Devon Council has any permanent traveller sites and if so, confirm the following details:

- Current Rent (per week)

- Plot Size

- Address and postcode

- No of single, medium and double plots

- Including water services?
Council’s Estates department confirms that the Council does not have any permanent traveller sites within its area None