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Barnstaple Youth Cafe Campaign

Closing date: 28 August 2012

Lead Petitioner: Jake Salkeld

Status: referred to a Committee

Petition: We, the young people of Barnstaple and surrounding areas wish to petition that the council help to create an indoor space for a youth café where young people could go during the later hours of the day (7-10pm). Following the course of “The Real Mccaf” and “The Sauce” in our neighbouring Ilfracombe and Bideford

Background information: We are a group taking part in the National Citizen’s Service project this summer, of which is a project to get young people more involved in their community. Following some research into young people in the North Devon area, we are concerned that young people in Barnstaple and the surrounding areas have nowhere to go to just spend time with their friends socialising, especially when the weather is bad and the park and such like are not viable choices. We believe that creating a space for young people to socialise in the evening would reduce anti-social behaviour in the community and keep young people off the street when it is dark.

Number of signatories: 89

Full signatory list:

NameLive within wardWork/study within wardDate
Alana Chokarian n/a 27/08/2012
Beverley Moran n/a 23/08/2012
RHONDA THOMAS n/a 23/08/2012
Jess Claydon n/a 22/08/2012
Karen ONeill n/a 22/08/2012
James Lewis n/a 22/08/2012
India Snow n/a 22/08/2012
Rose Kennelly n/a 22/08/2012
claire gilmour n/a 22/08/2012
kelvin lancaster n/a 22/08/2012
Jacc Bolt n/a 21/08/2012
Jess Henry n/a 21/08/2012
Connor Easterbrook n/a 21/08/2012
Sam Webber n/a 21/08/2012
cristina n/a 21/08/2012
Beth Claydon n/a 21/08/2012
Beth Williams n/a 21/08/2012
Molly Magarotto n/a 21/08/2012
Elliot Plows n/a 21/08/2012
Nakita Plows n/a 21/08/2012
Fiona Haley n/a 21/08/2012
Jane Duffy n/a 21/08/2012
Julie Robson n/a 21/08/2012
Andy Fish n/a 21/08/2012
Lulu Lake n/a 21/08/2012
Steff n/a 21/08/2012
Liz Oldershaw n/a 21/08/2012
Zach Taylor-Colwill n/a 21/08/2012
Katy Westcott n/a 21/08/2012
Joseph Hartley n/a 21/08/2012
Jen Romano n/a 21/08/2012
Ryan Dart n/a 21/08/2012
Izzie Duncan n/a 21/08/2012
Jayana Finlay n/a 21/08/2012
Zoe Hoskin n/a 21/08/2012
Alice Birch n/a 21/08/2012
Amber Benson n/a 21/08/2012
joanne dibben n/a 21/08/2012
Mollie Banfield n/a 21/08/2012
Jess Andrew n/a 21/08/2012
tertia kennedy-matthews n/a 21/08/2012
James Smith n/a 21/08/2012
Eleanor Davis n/a 21/08/2012
Ben Floyd n/a 21/08/2012
Chantal Dayment n/a 21/08/2012
Danielle Finch n/a 21/08/2012
Cathryn Lane n/a 21/08/2012
Linda Davis n/a 21/08/2012
Laura Hellens n/a 21/08/2012
Emily Stanton n/a 21/08/2012
amy buckham n/a 21/08/2012
Jasmine Grayson n/a 21/08/2012
Jake Frank n/a 21/08/2012
Piers Langdon n/a 21/08/2012
Paul Bowser n/a 21/08/2012
Ellie n/a 21/08/2012
Beth Jury n/a 21/08/2012
Hannah Slater n/a 21/08/2012
Connor moyse n/a 21/08/2012
Sam Cooper n/a 20/08/2012
Amy Sargeant n/a 20/08/2012
Josie Worth n/a 20/08/2012
shannon williams-wright n/a 20/08/2012
victoria salkeld n/a 18/08/2012
Cassandra Carbonell n/a 17/08/2012
Tracy Pandya n/a 16/08/2012
Sharon Wong n/a 16/08/2012
Kay T. Barrera n/a 16/08/2012
David O'Neill n/a 15/08/2012
Sian O'Neill n/a 15/08/2012
Brendan Moran n/a 15/08/2012
Spencer Matthews n/a 15/08/2012
sally taylor salkeld n/a 15/08/2012
Ashley Headon n/a 15/08/2012
Koren n/a 15/08/2012
Andrew Foster n/a 15/08/2012
Andrew Hughes n/a 15/08/2012
Ebhelyn Leate n/a 15/08/2012
Emily Stainsby n/a 15/08/2012
Rhianna n/a 15/08/2012
Kimberley n/a 15/08/2012
Jodie n/a 15/08/2012
Jake Salkeld n/a 15/08/2012
Phoebe-Corrinne n/a 15/08/2012
kurtis lancaster n/a 15/08/2012
Edward Gould n/a 15/08/2012
Jasmine Moran n/a 15/08/2012
Steve Griggs n/a 15/08/2012
Victoria Phillips n/a 15/08/2012

Current progress: The petition was referred to Council on 26 September 2012. At this meeting, Council referred the petition to the Executive on 6 November 2012 for consideration.