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Barnstaple Youth Cafe Campaign

Closing date: 28 August 2012

Lead Petitioner: Jake Salkeld

Status: referred to a Committee

Petition: We, the young people of Barnstaple and surrounding areas wish to petition that the council help to create an indoor space for a youth café where young people could go during the later hours of the day (7-10pm). Following the course of “The Real Mccaf” and “The Sauce” in our neighbouring Ilfracombe and Bideford

Background information: We are a group taking part in the National Citizen’s Service project this summer, of which is a project to get young people more involved in their community. Following some research into young people in the North Devon area, we are concerned that young people in Barnstaple and the surrounding areas have nowhere to go to just spend time with their friends socialising, especially when the weather is bad and the park and such like are not viable choices. We believe that creating a space for young people to socialise in the evening would reduce anti-social behaviour in the community and keep young people off the street when it is dark.

Number of signatories: 89

Last ten signatories:

  • Alana Chokarian
  • Beverley Moran
  • Jess Claydon
  • Karen ONeill
  • James Lewis
  • India Snow
  • Rose Kennelly
  • claire gilmour
  • kelvin lancaster

All signatories

Current progress: The petition was referred to Council on 26 September 2012. At this meeting, Council referred the petition to the Executive on 6 November 2012 for consideration.