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Formal play area and facilities(to include a Youth Football Pitch) off Old School Road, Newport

Closing date: 14 June 2012

Lead Petitioner: Stuart Locke

Status: decision

Petition: We, the undersigned wish to petition that the public open space contribution of £25k by the developers of the St.Josephs site be used to develop a more formal play area and facilities(to include a Youth Football Pitch)off Old School Road, Newport,Barnstaple,Devon.

Background information: My name is Stuart Locke and i am the chairman of Eastside AFC Youth Football. Eastside was formed in 2007 and is now run by a group of committed volunteer parents. We currently have a number of age ranges which is growing every year, between under 8's and under12's.
The principle of the club was and remains to encourage diversity and inclusiveness in an enviroment where children are ensure competitive football at an affordable price.
As a growing club we are finding it more difficult to find Youth Football pitches for our children to play-we are not alone in this difficulty and in our area of Barnstaple there really is limited Youth pitches and facilities.
I know of a piece of land close to St.Joseph's,Landkey Road,Newport that would be perfect for the provision of a Community Youth Football Pitch and as i understand there is section 106 funds(£25k) set aside for a project such as this? This site is where the Cricket Club used to be and with the right funding or grant would like to erect a changing room and WC facility. Also being a resident and parent very near to this site myself, it would be a valuable asset to have a Community Play Area in this large catchment area where there is very little else from the traffic lights in Newport upwards toward Landkey.
This space would really benifit from enhancement for the Youth in our Community, a safe maintained area for all to enjoy. Please help us support some positve change.

Number of signatories: 187

Full signatory list:

NameLive within wardWork/study within wardDate
Stuart Lane n/a 13/06/2012
Paul Larter n/a 12/06/2012
sam laird n/a 11/06/2012
Graham Cockell n/a 07/06/2012
Simon Osment n/a 06/06/2012
Stuart Lloyd n/a 05/06/2012
Wendy Lloyd n/a 05/06/2012
Dave Hendy n/a 03/06/2012
emma ball n/a 03/06/2012
matthew ball n/a 03/06/2012
joshua ball n/a 03/06/2012
david ball n/a 03/06/2012
Jon Gibbins n/a 02/06/2012
John Isaac n/a 02/06/2012
Gary Evans n/a 01/06/2012
Jane Evans n/a 01/06/2012
Chris Postles n/a 01/06/2012
THEO Bishop n/a 01/06/2012
Phedra Bishop n/a 01/06/2012
Ian Hedden n/a 01/06/2012
Faye Hedden n/a 01/06/2012
CAROLINE POSTLES n/a 01/06/2012
Peter chapple n/a 31/05/2012
Beryl Bradshaw n/a 31/05/2012
David George Bradshaw n/a 31/05/2012
Karen Burnell n/a 31/05/2012
Esme Parsley n/a 30/05/2012
Luke Parsley n/a 30/05/2012
Jim Capron n/a 30/05/2012
Sandra Smale n/a 30/05/2012
Andrew Parsley n/a 30/05/2012
Luke Parsley n/a 30/05/2012
Sarah Parsley n/a 30/05/2012
lauryn Deacon n/a 30/05/2012
lucy Capron n/a 30/05/2012
David McGloin n/a 29/05/2012
george tossell n/a 28/05/2012
Joyce Teape n/a 28/05/2012
Lillian Teape n/a 28/05/2012
Raymond Teape n/a 28/05/2012
Alex Knight n/a 28/05/2012
Millie Knight n/a 28/05/2012
Mark Rogers n/a 27/05/2012
Amelia Rogers n/a 27/05/2012
Tommy Rogers n/a 27/05/2012
Josh Keast n/a 26/05/2012
Carla Keast n/a 26/05/2012
Cameron Keast n/a 26/05/2012
Diane Connell n/a 26/05/2012
Ava Wilson n/a 25/05/2012
Jasmine Wilson n/a 25/05/2012
Gary Wilson n/a 25/05/2012
Emma Wilson n/a 25/05/2012
Adrian Pethick n/a 25/05/2012
steven bailey n/a 24/05/2012
liam bailey n/a 24/05/2012
clare bailey n/a 24/05/2012
paul bailey n/a 24/05/2012
MARTIN HEALE n/a 23/05/2012
Megan Setchell n/a 22/05/2012
Sheila Setchell n/a 22/05/2012
Peter Setchell n/a 22/05/2012
Andrew Evans n/a 22/05/2012
Inge Driessen n/a 22/05/2012
Beth Stevens n/a 20/05/2012
William Stevens n/a 20/05/2012
Julia Stevens n/a 20/05/2012
Mark Stevens n/a 20/05/2012
Dawn Connor n/a 20/05/2012
Gavin Drew n/a 18/05/2012
Sarah Drew n/a 18/05/2012
Mary Cox n/a 18/05/2012
John Cox n/a 18/05/2012
Harry Huxtable n/a 17/05/2012
Julie Huxtable n/a 17/05/2012
leslie huntley n/a 15/05/2012
David Huntley n/a 15/05/2012
David Huntley n/a 15/05/2012
Alec Huntley n/a 15/05/2012
jane huntley n/a 15/05/2012
susan rudall n/a 14/05/2012
denis rudall n/a 14/05/2012
Mary Drew n/a 12/05/2012
Bailey Laird n/a 12/05/2012
Mark Laird n/a 12/05/2012
Zoey Laird n/a 12/05/2012
Hayley Martin n/a 11/05/2012
Jessica Hutchens n/a 11/05/2012
James Rowles n/a 10/05/2012
Stephen Wilkinson n/a 10/05/2012
linda white n/a 10/05/2012
Laura Goodwin n/a 09/05/2012
JAYNE GIFFFORD n/a 09/05/2012
Debbie Martinelli n/a 09/05/2012
Paul Keast n/a 08/05/2012
Laurence Overend n/a 08/05/2012
jayne smaldon n/a 08/05/2012
Gemma Brown n/a 08/05/2012
Simon Lovett n/a 07/05/2012
lucy mangan n/a 07/05/2012
Carolynne Lynch n/a 07/05/2012
Thomas Hogan Garrett n/a 07/05/2012
keith garrett n/a 07/05/2012
Tony Alcock n/a 07/05/2012
Alison Rogers n/a 07/05/2012
Alison Rogers n/a 07/05/2012
Brian Mackie n/a 07/05/2012
Mary Mackie n/a 07/05/2012
Mary Mackie n/a 07/05/2012
Shaun Thorne n/a 07/05/2012
Nicola Cockell n/a 07/05/2012
Keith Garrett n/a 07/05/2012
Keith Garrett n/a 07/05/2012
Derek Parnell n/a 06/05/2012
Bridget Locke n/a 06/05/2012
Michael Locke n/a 06/05/2012
Oliver Roode n/a 06/05/2012
Darren Ridd n/a 06/05/2012
Tracey Mock n/a 06/05/2012
colin webber n/a 06/05/2012
colin webber n/a 06/05/2012
pam perry n/a 06/05/2012
Katrina Smale n/a 06/05/2012
David Smale n/a 06/05/2012
Steve popham n/a 05/05/2012
Helen Goodwin n/a 05/05/2012
jacqui ralph n/a 05/05/2012
pat smaldon n/a 05/05/2012
robbie mcguire n/a 05/05/2012
patrica smaldon n/a 05/05/2012
trevor smaldon n/a 05/05/2012
Barry Ebbons n/a 05/05/2012
Shirley Ebbons n/a 05/05/2012
Jean Turner n/a 05/05/2012
Mrs. P. Passmore n/a 05/05/2012
Maureen Cornthwaithe n/a 05/05/2012
John Hayes n/a 05/05/2012
Anne Hayes n/a 05/05/2012
Lynne Bryant n/a 05/05/2012
Terry Bryant n/a 05/05/2012
DanielHuxtable n/a 05/05/2012
Katrina Huxtable n/a 05/05/2012
Roger Huxtable n/a 05/05/2012
Debbie Huxtable n/a 05/05/2012
darcey n/a 04/05/2012
sandra smaldon n/a 04/05/2012
annie smaldon n/a 04/05/2012
james smaldon n/a 04/05/2012
john smaldon n/a 04/05/2012
K Paull n/a 04/05/2012
JUDITH DARK n/a 04/05/2012
angela Grigg n/a 04/05/2012
William Chugg n/a 04/05/2012
Martin Grigg n/a 04/05/2012
Sarah Higgins n/a 04/05/2012
Richard Bushnell n/a 04/05/2012
Becci Hartnoll n/a 04/05/2012
Darcey Locke n/a 03/05/2012
Andrea Sanger n/a 03/05/2012
Sally-Anne Pester n/a 03/05/2012
Nik Pester n/a 03/05/2012
Rosie Roome n/a 03/05/2012
Mr Stuart Locke n/a 03/05/2012
Mr Stuart Locke n/a 03/05/2012
brian holland n/a 03/05/2012
rubie holland n/a 03/05/2012
sam harris n/a 03/05/2012
kevin webb n/a 03/05/2012
Ms B Venn n/a 03/05/2012
sharon witcombe n/a 03/05/2012
Elliot Smith n/a 03/05/2012
Mrs .C.Locke n/a 03/05/2012
Jasper Locke n/a 03/05/2012
Coco Grigg n/a 03/05/2012
Kevin May n/a 03/05/2012
harry grigg n/a 03/05/2012
Reuben grigg n/a 03/05/2012
Oliver May n/a 03/05/2012
Alfie May n/a 03/05/2012
michelle may n/a 03/05/2012
michelle may n/a 03/05/2012
Mrs. J. Grigg n/a 03/05/2012
peter ralph n/a 03/05/2012
Alison Lewis n/a 03/05/2012
Sara Curry n/a 03/05/2012
matt grigg n/a 03/05/2012
Robert Bates n/a 03/05/2012

Current progress: To support the epetition, a paper petition was submitted which contained 872 signatures. Therefore the total number of signatures for both petitions was 1059. The petition was referred to Council for debate on Wednesday 26th September 2012 at 7.00 p.m. At this meeting, Council requested the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to consider a full report addressing the issues of concern and the outcomes of the public consultation prior to consideration by the Executive. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on 15 November 2012 agreed that consideration of the report be deferred until consultation had been undertaken with residents boredering the field and evaluated. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee considered the outcome of the consultation at its meeting on 14th March 2013 and made recommendations to be considered by the Executive on 9th April 2013. The Executive at its meeting on 9th April 2013 approved the project proposal and the creation of a football pitch (and associated drainage works) at the former Marist Convent site and that £25,000 of existing Section 106 public open space funding be allocated towards the cost of pitch creation and drainage. The full decision of the Executive is available on the Council's website by clicking on "democracy" on the home page.