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Petition against development of supermarkets within a 2 mile radius of Barnstaple Town Centre

Closing date: 6 February 2012

Lead Petitioner: Sandie Hall

Status: paper petition

Petition: We, the undersigned...wish to petition against the development of any further supermarket stores within a two mile radius of Barnstaple town centre. We believe granting of any further permissions for these types of stores would seriously jeopardise the future of Barnstaple High Street.

Background information:

Number of signatories: 687 (paper petition)

Current progress: The petition has been referred to a meeting of Council for consideration on 22nd February 2012. Following consideration by Council, the petition has been referred to the next Planning Committee on 18th April 2012 for consideration by the consultants in the conduct of the ongoing retail study. The Planning Committee at its meeting on 18th April 2012 agreed to forward the petition on to the consultants for consideration as part of the preparation of the Retail Study for Northern Devon.