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Please use this form to submit an e-petition

Before submitting your petition please check already submitted petitions
This submission is in two parts:
  • details of your petition
  • your details
Details of your petition

If you need help to complete or sign an e-petition, please contact us:

Telephone: 01271 388253
Telephone: 01271 388254
For Typetalk: precede with 18001

Petitions which are considered to be vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate will not be accepted. The petition organiser will be informed why a petition cannot be accepted.

In the period immediately before an election or referendum we may need to deal with your petition differently – if this is the case we will explain the reasons and discuss the revised timescale which will apply.

Data protection

The Data Controller is North Devon District Council.

The details you provide on this form will only be used for the purpose of this petition.

Your information may be shared with the petition organiser, council officers and members of the council.

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