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Government Council Tax Rebate - May-June 2022

The Government is providing a £150 one-off council tax rebate for most households in council tax bands A-D. Those households who pay by direct debit will receive the payment directly into their bank account during May. Those households who do not pay by direct debit will be contacted during May or June.

If you wish to start paying by direct debit this can be set up by either visiting our 'Pay your council tax' webpage to download a form or calling Customer Services on 01271 388361 (option 1) who can set it up for you.

We have been made aware that some residents have received phone calls from someone claiming to be from the council asking for bank details. We never call customers and ask for bank details over the phone so please be aware if you receive a phone call. If in doubt, please end the call and call our Customer Services Team on 01271 327711.


Who will receive the £150 rebate? 

The council tax payer on 1 April 2022 that occupies a property in band A – D or band E with disabled band relief. Payment can only be made where the property is occupied and not a second home or unfurnished property. There is only one payment per household.

When will I receive the relief?

Direct Debit payers will receive payment during May 2022.  These payments will be made over a period of a few weeks as we have around 30,000 to process. 

Non direct debit payers will be contacted during May/June.

How will I receive the relief?

Direct debit payers will receive the payment directly into the same bank account that is used for payment of council tax.

Non direct debit payers will be notified of the payment process when contacted in May/June.

Can the payment be used to reduce my council tax?

This rebate is intended to assist with the payment of energy bills.

For direct debit payers the simple answer is ‘no’. Payment will be made directly in a bank account.

Non direct debt payers will be invited to apply for payment to be paid into a bank account. After a set period of time, where an application has not been received, the payment will credit the council tax account and a revised bill will be sent.

Customers who wish the payment to credit their council tax account, simply need not make an application. However council tax payments must continue to be made in accordance with their original bill, until a revised bill is issued following the credit of the £150 rebate.

Can I receive a payment if I pay an energy bill but am not a direct council tax payer?

There may be help available through our Discretionary Scheme however this scheme is not finalised. Once the scheme is set, full details will be available on our website.