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The NHS COVID-19 app will be used alongside traditional contact tracing and will notify users if they come into contact with anyone who later tests positive for the virus.

The app will not track you or your location, but your postcode helps the app work out where the virus is spreading.

The check-in feature can also alert users anonymously to those that have been in the venue at the same time. The data will be kept for 21 days. 

The new system allows businesses to create their own unique QR code. This can be used for customers to check-in when they visit your venue. More information for businesses is available on our business support pages.

The app has 6 key features to help our community:

  • Trace
  • Alert
  • Check-in
  • Symptoms
  • Test
  • Isolate

More information

  • Read the Government news release about the law to record contact details and UK page on supporting Test and Trace
  • The app uses 'Bluetooth low energy' to function and when downloading requires the user to allow the 'Exposure Notification' service
  • Experts from the Government, Apple, Google and the National Cyber Security Centre have checked that the app is safe and secure to use