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Help with your council tax bill

If your income has been significantly affected by current circumstances, we want to help.

If you are on a low income, you may be able to apply for our Council Tax Reduction scheme. There are also a number of discounts and exemptions that you may be eligible for.

Please visit our website to see if you are eligible for our Council Tax Reduction or Exceptional Hardship Schemes. Details of income and reductions available can be found on our Council Tax Reduction page.

You may also find that you qualify for Universal Credit from the Government.  

You can visit the Government's website to go check if you are eligible and go through a step-by-step guide to claiming Universal Credit.

Remember to

Tell us if your circumstances change 

A change in circumstances may affect the amount of benefits you can get. For example:


  • an increase or decrease in pension
  • an increase or decrease in any other state benefits
  • an increase or decrease in earnings
  • an increase or decrease to the amount of savings you have
  • if you cease to qualify for income support
  • if you now qualify for any other benefits or allowances
  • if your Jobseekers Allowance ceases
  • an increase or decrease in the tax credits you receive


  • if you change your accommodation
  • if your rent changes
  • if you start to share with someone


  • if your children leave full time education 
  • if you or your partner are in hospital for more than six weeks
  • if you have an addition to your family
  • if someone leaves your household
Help with pre-payment meters

Council Tax Reduction - help for the self-employed

Due to the current situation, certain rules concerning how we treat self-employed income for the purpose of our Council Tax Reduction Scheme have temporarily changed.

If you are an existing customer, and your business has been affected, please notify us of your change or circumstances (link to change of circumstances form), or make a new claim for Council Tax Reduction.

Housing benefit

North Devon is now a full service area for Universal Credit. This means most people of working age who would like to make a new claim to Housing Benefit will need to claim the housing element of Universal Credit to help with their rent.

However you may still be able to claim Housing Benefit if:

  • You, and your partner if you have one, have reached pensionable age
  • You live in temporary accommodation provided by the Local Authority
  • You live in certain Supported Accommodation
  • You or your partner are in receipt of, or have been in receipt of in the last calendar month, the Severe Disability Premium in any of your current DWP benefits

More information is available on our housing benefit page.

Discretionary housing payments

help people who need extra help with their rent when their housing benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs do not meet the full value of their rent. If you are suffering severe financial hardship as a result, or your tenancy is at risk you may be able to get a discretionary payment to help towards these payments. More information is available on our discretionary housing payments page.