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School closures and illness among crews may lead to our staffing being reduced so please be patient if your bin and/or recycling is not collected on the usual day. If your bins or recycling are missed, leave it out for 48 hours. If we don't return, take it back in and put it out again on your next scheduled collection, leave any side waste in untied carrier bags. We are unable to return for missed collections at this time.

Garden waste collections

We are receiving lots of enquiries about whether our garden waste service has been cancelled. We confirm that we are still collecting garden waste as normal. 

Bagging used tissues and disposable cloths

If you are unwell, please follow the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' (DEFRA) guidelines to protect yourself and others - including our waste collection crews:

  • Double bag any used tissues and disposable cloth
  • Keep the bag separate from 'normal' waste
  • If you are self-isolating, place the bag in another room
  • After 72 hours place the double bagged waste outside in your black bin/bag

If tissues are not bagged our crews will have to leave your bin without emptying it, to protect themselves from the threat of Coronavirus.

Waste created by lateral flow testing

If you are a school or another organisation carrying out lateral flow testing, we are unfortunately unable to collect the waste associated with the testing as it is classified as clinical waste and needs to be separated from other waste. Please contact a clinical waste collection company to arrange collection of your testing waste.

Minimise food waste

Across Devon Recycle Devon are seeing an increasing amount of food waste compared to the same time frame last month. They are putting this down to members of the public bulk buying food and not using it effectively before it goes off.

As per government guidance, only buy what you need (one household member going to the shops once a week if possible) and please be considerate of others in your community.

For information on how to store food and use it effectively in a range of delicious and nutritious meals that avoid food waste, please download this FREE recipe book from Recycle Devon.