Reopening your premises following the pandemic

Government guidance

The Government has issued guidance documents to pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and other licensed premises both open and hoping to reopen. The guidance details how licensed businesses can open safely while minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Guidance for hotels and other accommodation is available on the Government's website, along with guidance for pubs, bars and restaurants. 

New Temporary Off-Sales Permissions

The Business and Planning Act 2020 came into effect on the 22 July 2020. The Act temporarily modifies the Licensing Act 2003 to provide an automatic extension to the terms of most premises licences which only permit the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises to allow the sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises. This will make it easier for licensed premises to sell alcohol to customers for consumption off the premises in England and Wales, which will allow businesses to trade and maintain social distancing.

See the guidance on the new temporary modifications which will have effect until the 30 September 2021.

Further guidance

We have put together some information to assist you with the measures you will need to consider before reopening your premises:

How to prepare for reopening your premises - guide (pdf 152KB)

Downloadable polite notice to customers of licensed premises (pdf 215 KB)

Guidance on operating your ice machine safely (pdf 159 KB)

Guidance on using your soda gun safely

  • Wash hands in warm soapy water and thoroughly dry before working on dispense equipment
  • Remove the nozzle from the gun. If it is difficult to remove, soak the soda bar gun in a clean container of carbonated water for 5 minutes. If still cannot remove phone your soft drinks supplier for assistance to ensure equipment is not damaged
  • Take a cleaning brush and clean in and all around the nozzle with the brush to remove any syrup build up
  • Soak the nozzle and gun in the sanitising solution for no longer than 20 minutes or in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Rinse the nozzle in clean water as per the instructions given by the sanitiser producer, air dry and reattach the nozzle
  • Wipe all the outside surfaces with sanitiser and a clean cloth wipe (or sanitiser wipes). Include buttons, handle and nozzle (use bottle brush to get residual from under and around buttons)
  • Rinse and wipe dry with a clean cloth (water should be cold)
  • Press each button to flush out any residual sanitising solution into a cup or drain
  • Clean the drip tray with a sanitiser solution, removing any build up of syrup in the tray
  • Do not remove buttons, button plates or heel. This is a pressurized system and should only be dealt with by a trained technician
  • This is only a guide. Please consult with the soda gun manufacturer who may have their own recommended methods for cleaning their brand of soda gun

More advice for reopening businesses

You can find further information on preparing your business for reopening on our coronavirus business support pages.

Guidance from COVID-19 secure advice and risk assessments for hospitality businesses