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Three ways supporting North Devon businesses makes a difference in your community

In these troubling times, North Devon’s high streets are counting on the loyalty and support of its local residents. Through the ‘Live Love Local’ campaign, we support the businesses on our doorstep to reopen and operate safely following lockdown. We aim to encourage residents to choose our wonderful independent businesses wherever possible and enjoy their town centres safely.

Here are three ways supporting local businesses gives back to the community:

1. It strengthens the local economy

Buying from local businesses means your money stays in North Devon and boosts the local economy.

In the majority of cases, local businesses use other local businesses/suppliers - such as an independent store using an electrician in the area, rather than a UK-wide company. If you choose to eat in a local restaurant, or buy from a local shop you are not only supporting the business you are purchasing from, but also many others – not to mention that you would be helping to provide jobs for local residents.

2. It’s good for you and the environment

Something you may not have thought about is the impact on the environment when you shop local. For those striving to be more eco-conscious, it’s good to know that, shopping in North Devon’s butchers, bakers, greengrocers and markets, results in less food miles and minimal packaging. This is because many independent businesses use local suppliers.

You may even be inclined to walk or cycle to a shop if it was closer, rather than driving to your nearest superstore, reducing both air and traffic pollution.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find produce in local stores that isn’t fresh and packed with nutrients. Most is organic, and free from hormones and pesticides, which contributes to your health and better air quality.

3. It bolsters community spirit

We’re closer as a community than we’ve ever been before, and we now need to go one step further to help our local businesses at this crucial time.

If you value the products and experience offered by the independent businesses in North Devon, we encourage you to shop and eat locally as much as possible.

Remember to ‘Enjoy Safely’

There are still some safety measures in place in North Devon’s town centres to make sure you feel confident and as comfortable as possible while shopping.

There are plenty of hand sanitisation stations available and lots of stores are still asking shoppers to wear face masks if they are happy to.

For more on how to say safe in your town centre visit our ‘Safe town centres’ page.

How else can you help support local businesses?

Follow ‘Live Love Local’ on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on what’s happening in your local high street.

We have some more exciting initiatives in the pipeline to support our brilliant local businesses and will keep you posted! In the meantime, please use the hashtag #LiveLoveLocalNorthDevon and #EnjoySafely in any social media posts about local shops, bars, restaurants and leisure facilities.

North Devon Council’s Live Love Local campaign is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Her Majesty’s Government.