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Cemeteries alert

Memorial Safety Testing in Bear Street Cemetery, Barnstaple and Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe will be taking place during March. You can find more information by reading our Cemeteries Public Notice 27 January 2023.


Marlborough Road Cemetery

Information about Ilfracombe's Marlborough Road Cemetery

Bear Street Cemetery

Information on Barnstaple's Bear Street Cemetery 


Information on grave memorials

Purchasing a grave

Details on how to purchase a grave

Cemetery fees

Charges relating to both of our cemeteries

Burials and interment of ashes

Information on burials and interment of ashes 

Cemetery Regulations - October 2016

Regulations apply to all NDC burial grounds

Cemeteries public notice

Notice for works in Bear Street Cemetery, Barnstaple & Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe