Cemeteries and the coronavirus

The main vehicle access gates to both Marlborough Road and Bear Street cemeteries are closed until further notice. However, pedestrian access will remain open at both cemeteries. The gates will only open for burial services. We realise that this may be inconvenient for some people but it has been done to discourage those with underlying health issues and the over 70's from leaving their home and exposing themselves to the virus.

Marlborough Road Cemetery

Information about Ilfracombe's Marlborough Road Cemetery

Bear Street Cemetery

Information on Barnstaple's Bear Street Cemetery 


Information on grave memorials

Purchasing a grave

Details on how to purchase a grave

Cemetery fees

Charges relating to both of our cemeteries

Burials and interment of ashes

Information on burials and interment of ashes 

Cemetery Regulations - October 2016

Regulations apply to all NDC burial grounds