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Small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) such as kettles, toasters and mobile phones can be recycled in your green/black recycling box. Loose cables (mobile phone and computer cables) can also be recycled. All items should be no larger than a standard-sized carrier bag

Wet wipes

Wet wipes, baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, bathroom cleaning wipes and moist toilet tissues are not recyclable and are not flushable either even though some labels say they are. They should always be placed in your black general rubbish bin.

Wool insulated packaging

Food wool insulated packaging (found in many food recipe box deliveries) cannot be put in your kerbside caddy, despite what it says on the packaging. Instead remove the wool liner from its plastic packaging (which should go in the black general waste bin) and place it into into either a compost bin (if available) or dig into the soil in the garden, as the wool will release valuable nitrates back into the soil as it breaks down.

Wrapping paper

Wrapping made of brown paper can be recycled from home as part of your cardboard collection in your brown bag (please remove all sticky tape beforehand). Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any other wrapping paper in your recycling. All other wrapping paper needs to go in your black general waste bin.