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Similar to batteries, we do not collect vapes as part of your kerbside recycling. 

Vapes are a unique item when it comes to recycling due to their composition of various materials like plastic and metals. Additionally, they contain batteries that pose a fire risk. To find out where you can recycle your vape, please visit recycle your electrics website.

Vacuum cleaner contents

Please place vacuum dust in your black general waste bin for disposal.


All food waste in North Devon is treated at an anaerobic digestion plant (AD). Vegware cannot be treated by AD. In fact, vegware entering a food waste stream destined for AD will be mechanically removed before treatment and disposed of as general waste. As the vast majority of the UK’s commercial food waste is processed by AD, this significantly restricts opportunities to dispose of vegware as intended. The best way to dispose of vegware is to put it on a compost heap and let it break down naturally there. If you do not have a compost heap, it needs to go in your black bin.