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Radiators can be taken to your local recycling centre, or reclamation yard if of classic style and re-usable.


If the item is still usable, it could either be sold on or donated to a charity shop.  Most electrical items have a symbol of a crossed-out wheelie bin on them - these items should not be sent to landfill. If the item is beyond repair, we can offer a bulky waste collection service or you can take it to a recycling centre.

Records, tapes and CDs

You can donate these to hospital radio stations. Playgroups, schools and charity shops may also be interested. Unwanted CDs can be reused as drinks coasters, or make excellent scarecrows if hung shiny side up, as the reflected light from the CDs scares the birds. Unfortunately there is no way to recycle tapes, records or CDs, so unless they can be reused, they have to go in your black general waste bin.

Roofing felt

Can be taken to your nearest recycling centre but you will be charged for disposal.


Rubble and hardcore can be taken to your nearest recycling centre and disposed of for a charge. For more information please contact Devon County Council, who manage the sites.