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Nappies should be placed in your black general waste bin. You only use disposable nappies for a few hours but they can take hundreds of years to break down in landfill sites. If you have to use disposable nappies, choose ones that are dioxin free and/or unbleached (this should be marked on the packaging). An alternative is to use cloth nappies which can be reused over and over again.


We offer a clinical waste collection service for sharps. Needles are hazardous to those that come into contact with them so cannot be collected with your general waste.


By using recycled paper and recycling waste paper you will help to protect our environment. You can recycle any white coloured paper, newspapers, white paper directories, magazines, junk mail, and holiday brochures in your green bag. Paper must be kept dry, so please keep the bag folded over if it's raining. Alternatively, paper can be taken to a recycling bank or your local recycling centre.

Night storage heaters

Night Storage Heaters containing asbestos may be disposed of free of charge at the recycling centre, but must be booked in advance. The whole heater must be double wrapped in plastic and sealed. Please contact Devon County Council Waste Management on 0345 155 1010 to book.