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Dead animals

Please see our report a dead animal webpage. 

Degradable bags

Degradable bags cannot be composted. Plastic bags are best avoided wherever possible - if you go food shopping carry a re-usable bag with you. Some supermarkets have the facility to recycle old plastic bags. Other that this, they would have to be placed in your black general waste bin.


You can place any white coloured paper, newspapers, paper directories, magazines, junk mail, and holiday brochures all into your green bag. Paper must be kept dry, so please fold over the bag if it is raining. Alternatively, paper can be taken to a paper recycling bank or your local recycling centre.

DIY waste

DIY waste generated from the repair or improvement of houses such as plasterboard, tiles, timber and rubble is classified as construction waste, and as such we do not have the duty to collect it, even if it is generated at home. DIY waste should not be put in your black bin, but can be taken to your local recycling centre. Some DIY waste materials are chargeable. Contact Devon County Council, who manage the sites.

Dog faeces

There are dog waste bins throughout North Devon, to find your nearest one search for dog bins under local facilities on the map. You cannot take animal waste to recycling centres but we can collect this kind of waste in your black general waste bin with your general waste providing this is of domestic quantity. 

Domestic waste

Bags of unrecyclable household waste should be placed in your black general waste bin for collection. 

Door handles

Cannot be recycled in your kurbside collection but can be taken to your local recycling centre.

Drinks cans

Can be recycled in your green/black recycling box (please rinse). Alternatively, they can be taken to your local recycling centre or recycling bank.


Dryers can be collected through our chargeable bulky waste collection service they can also be taken to a recycling centre or sold on if they are still useable. Try Refurnish if the goods are still in working order, and they could come and collect the item(s) free of charge.

Duvets and pillows

Unfortunately, these items are not recyclable and need to be disposed of in your black general waste bin or in the general waste area of your local recycling centre.